Weta Workshop's 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

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When Adam visited Weta Workshop early last year, he stopped by their 3D printing lab to check out their research and experiments in 3D printing full-color eyeballs for exhibition figures and effects work. Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor and 3D artist Tor Robinson show Adam examples of anatomically accurate printed eyeballs that push the limits of high tech fabrication!
Read more about Tor's 3D printed eye projects at Weta Workshop: www.wetaworkshop.com/news/weta-workshop-sets-its-sights-on-giant-human-eyes/
Camera: Chris Terpstra and Aline Tran
Sound: Joel Anscombe-Smith
Edit: Norman Chan
Music: Jinglepunks
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 15:10


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 24 dager siden
Read more about Tor's 3D printed eye projects at Weta Workshop: https://www.wetaworkshop.com/news/weta-workshop-sets-its-sights-on-giant-human-eyes/
spankeyfish - 23 dager siden
I wonder if she made Alita's eyes for the statue they had at the premiere.
Jackster - 23 dager siden
Hey Adam, I love your videos and I might have a challenge for you if you're up for it. Since you are really good at making spaces I was wondering if you could make a replica of an SK-1 soviet cosmonaut space suit.
Andrew Gorman
Andrew Gorman - 11 timer siden
*person who has watched all of the behind the scenes extras on the “Lord of the Rings” discs*
“Richard Taylor! There he is - my man!”
No Bo
No Bo - Dag siden
those eye opening look like mouths
Greasy Cock
Greasy Cock - Dag siden
I see yarrrr
creepaze - 2 dager siden
As seen in the corridor digital building and WETA all VFX studios have a weapons gallery that could get you swatted by the FBI.
محمد حاتمی
محمد حاتمی - 4 dager siden
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
Brian Olson
Brian Olson - 4 dager siden
NeonWords - 5 dager siden
why are adam's fingers so dirty... eeeek
Raymond Mogg
Raymond Mogg - 5 dager siden
@0:49 watch the eye behind the skin at the bottom... looks like it's following you
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch - 5 dager siden
She needs to do a Zeiss Cybereye.
Nuno Dias
Nuno Dias - 6 dager siden
Weta Workshop never stops amazing me!
Lexiiaa L
Lexiiaa L - 10 dager siden
Looks so awesome Tor is so talented :0
It did kind of seem like Richard kept cutting off Tor and explaining stuff for her tho :/
Flokroll Projects
Flokroll Projects - 11 dager siden
Xaltar - 11 dager siden
3d modeling eyes for game characters is remarkably similar to the approach used here. Literally every point they made about colors, intensities, limbus and topology apply to 3d character modeling too. Brilliant stuff.
David McCoul
David McCoul - 12 dager siden
It’s a Stratasys inkjet printer. Why didn’t they just mention that? “Voxel” prining is useless jargon. All 3D inkjet printers work that way, and voxel is an MRI term, not a standard 3D-printing term.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 12 dager siden
Hey Adam, did you get a chance to visit with JFA while you were at wetta? You hinted at another video about a year ago
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 12 dager siden
That was supposed to be “Weta”
HotRodder=Recycler - 12 dager siden
Someone needs to go back and watch the glow in the dark how snot spreads the flu.
Jonathan davis
Jonathan davis - 12 dager siden
Weta i love this place their digitigrade legs are amazing
Meteor - 12 dager siden
Adam Is it possible to print out the eye prestizes for people who don't have one of the eyes???? Scan good eye and print out the copy??? Add light sensing micro chip for iris to widen and shrink????
My Perspective
My Perspective - 13 dager siden
Jeff Bergstrom
Jeff Bergstrom - 13 dager siden
I think Adam Savage is the only person who can get away with nasty, dirty fingernails. In his case it is an indication of authenticity.
Also, where is the process of them making these? I want to see it in action! Maybe it's a company secret...I still want to see it.
Lisa Ruiz
Lisa Ruiz - 13 dager siden
Thank you so much for making this video. Many years ago, I made acrylic eyes with the Madame Tussaud's Studio in London. Technology has come on such a long way. We would have to hand paint the striations to build up depth in many layers. The edge between the sclera and iris was made by quite a lot of grinding down and sanding before the next clear level. I can see 3D printing is the way forward in eye making, not only for accuracy but for the time it takes to make a pair. Great studio work
Benecya Jackson
Benecya Jackson - 14 dager siden
Can I buy an eye and lid cover from you? Human size?
Azurite Coast
Azurite Coast - 14 dager siden
Adam, I was wondering if you or any of the lovely people at Weta have any examples of or demonstrations of the eyeballs in use or of their applications. I loved seeing the video, but I want to understand why the accuracy is so important by seeing how they've been used in the past.
fasfan - 14 dager siden
"To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree."
- Charles Darwin
iNNeRKaoS - 15 dager siden
Giant Eyes - A lot of googling. Hah!
Joe Castus
Joe Castus - 15 dager siden
Esa chica es una maga en su trabajo
Mastermindyoung14 - 15 dager siden
"This is a doctor's level of knowledge"
"It was a lot of, like, googling"
4ngrym4n - 15 dager siden
"I don't know such stuff! I just do eyes!"
Questchaun - 15 dager siden
Nothing betta than free work. I mean internship.
Sprazzlebolt Steamgear III
Sprazzlebolt Steamgear III - 15 dager siden
Wow, i am so happy Weta is working with the next generation of folks. They where the kids of yesterday who where not afraid to try new things. She is amazing and i am so happy my favorite fx team is doing things like this. Oh i am gushing as a fan.
TheMrDrAwesome - 15 dager siden
I love the use of inside out esun pla boxes as product packaging.
Alex C
Alex C - 15 dager siden
The uncanny valley for me is that I attended the same university she did. That's uncanny. I never hear about places that are relevant to *me*, from *Adam Savage*.
Any comment on coronavirus in NZ?
kurt lindner
kurt lindner - 15 dager siden
TronXY!? I'm shocked.
It's not bad, just surprising.
Dr. 23
Dr. 23 - 15 dager siden
Chu.... if only you could see what I have seen with your eyes....
Jeremy Catches
Jeremy Catches - 15 dager siden
I need some of these for my VR headset!
David Emmerich
David Emmerich - 16 dager siden
Adam won't even clean up his fingernails when he's visiting another shop, knowing his hands will be on closeups. I bet he's the kind of guy that has horrible B.O. but nobody will tell him.
Arailt - 16 dager siden
Now they just need to figure out how to make the iris “float” when the eye moves.
Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K - 16 dager siden
Richard will always have a special place in my heart for taking me through hours and hours of LOTR material
Edited to add: On the DVDs and Blu-Rays that is. Not in person.
Tom Poynton
Tom Poynton - 17 dager siden
Richard Taylor hasn’t aged in 20 years
Team Sunrise Cosplay
Team Sunrise Cosplay - 17 dager siden
Meanwhile we over here with our eye consisting of a white circle and a black dot lol
Bob Jane
Bob Jane - 17 dager siden
That's really innovative use of the fleshlight for the eyeball surround too ...
SuicideNeil - 17 dager siden
"I just do eyes.."
-Weta Workshop artist, probably.
عبدالله الغفيلي
Chris P
Chris P - 17 dager siden
Watching Richard in the extended trilogy from LOTR will always be my favorite he’s always been passionate about every word he says
Vasectomy Fail
Vasectomy Fail - 17 dager siden
11:32 adam gently sets down the goat eye
other guy tosses it into the box with a loud "CLACK!"
LeafFreedom - 17 dager siden
I wear a prosthetic eye. Could you make a prosthetic eye that would house a powerful 1 watt + burning laser diode? I want to be superman.
Terry Kay
Terry Kay - 17 dager siden
you can use that eye socket for something else too...
Marcus Lindgren
Marcus Lindgren - 17 dager siden
Seeing both Adam and Richard be like kids that know nothing next to Tor and both just fully showing that and not having even an hint of elitism because of their work history etc is amazing. A person as young as Tor just blowing them out of the water is fucking awesome!
Gary Herbert
Gary Herbert - 17 dager siden
I love how Richard and Adam both have filthy fingers. Presumably from rummaging around WETA all day.
I.O - 18 dager siden
i managed a Stratasys machine and they are the gold standard in 3d printing, amazing work
American Nomad News
American Nomad News - 18 dager siden
Smart people should breed
Patrick DeCanio
Patrick DeCanio - 18 dager siden
I could watch this for HOURS! Truly phenomenal work Tor!
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿
Thanks, Adam and Weta! After having watched so many hours of LOTR behind-the-scenes footage with RICH-ud TAY-luh (gotta love that distinctive voice and crisp Kiwi accent!), I feel like I've been missing out on his practical effects updates/tutelage since. So awesome that Weta is putting so much R&D into these physical eyeballs, when most productions would just go CG nowadays. The hills and valleys of the iris look especially amazing on the giant-size eyeballs. Great job, Tor; great to see this cross-generational collaboration at Weta creating state-of-the-art versions of traditional effects.
gorch foth
gorch foth - 18 dager siden
this is phenomenal
Paul G
Paul G - 18 dager siden
0:50 It looks like a The Residents video
David Bowie's video "Lazarus" - they could have devoted a bit more time to making the eyes.
I'm surprised they didn't talk to ocular prosthetic manufacturers.They have been making realistic eyes for decades.
Torsten Lif
Torsten Lif - 8 dager siden
Centuries, actually. And the time-honored glass eyes are still better than the plastics, in my opinion. AND they're actually faster to make! The bulk of the time needed when a new one is made, is for the cooling down of the glass. Sloooow cooling; don't want any cracks in there, please.
Johnathan Saegal
Johnathan Saegal - 18 dager siden
Tor is going to become a master at the leading edge of these forms of special effects - I can see the day where surgeons will come to her for "false eyes" for people who have actually lost an eye. She's on the border of absolute greatness in her field.
Roland Jollivet
Roland Jollivet - 18 dager siden
So why are they made at 2.4 scale? Odd... Are the models in movies not 1:1 ?
Roland Jollivet
Roland Jollivet - 18 dager siden
Tor? I thought she was the Mona Lisa?
Joe Pieczynski
Joe Pieczynski - 18 dager siden
Amazingly talented young lady. Fantastic final product.
Jerry Atricks
Jerry Atricks - 18 dager siden
@7:17 - I wonder what vicious process led to that blackened fingernail? Is that paint or did you smash it with a hammer?
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart - 18 dager siden
She is adorable and brilliant.
Tedi47 - 19 dager siden
these look amazing!
seanylewl - 19 dager siden
A perfect example on how Weta is cultivating genius by investing in young makers. By bringing people into the shop while they are in their professionally embryonic stage, they are exponentially advancing the methodology of creating. A truly wonderful company.
Nathaniel Robinson
Nathaniel Robinson - 19 dager siden
I need a new ocularists in a bad way. And I'd love to find one using this tech. I hope someone figures out a way to make this tech available broadly. I would have loved to grow up with a matching eye of such quality. They say the "eyes are the mirror of the soul". Imagine having one that is a misfit. Ocularistist aren't well known but they are well loved. :)
Rücklicht - 19 dager siden
I want to put one in my stinker spread my cheeks and jump backwards at people screaming
Anoir Ben Tanfous
Anoir Ben Tanfous - 19 dager siden
Now Tor must make us a Realistic 3D printed Onion
THEN NOW - 19 dager siden
I'm not an expert but those 3d prints kind of look like eyeballs
kriisak - 19 dager siden
Optometrist here, for extra challenge, please also make eyes with visible arcus senilis along the inside of the limbus line. 😉
octane - 19 dager siden
huge wetashop fan, ever bigger adam savage fan, and love all about eyes, how to draw them, tried to make some in resin by layers, TOTALLY ADORED this video!!! =D
Wes Plybon
Wes Plybon - 19 dager siden
I'm glad she picked out the hazel! As someone with hazel eyes I found GREAT appreciation in the details of the color mix that just made them stand out. What fantastic prints! Tor needs to write a couple papers, for sure!
ControlledWrinkles - 19 dager siden
Tor is like a female Hannibal Chew, “I just do eyes”.
Camhin1 - 19 dager siden
Tor is going to have an incredible career. She in very talented, those eyes are amazing.
Scarlett Woodroffe
Scarlett Woodroffe - 19 dager siden
Welcome to the NZ fam adam
Jax 49
Jax 49 - 20 dager siden
Blade Runner, anyone?
M Wing
M Wing - 20 dager siden
Eye Eye Capt !
Cinothril - 20 dager siden
Weta is always on another level
Cory Rosenberg
Cory Rosenberg - 20 dager siden
Got to meet and talk to Richard Taylor when I was 16. The guy is a true gentleman. He took an hour out of his hectic day to meet with me and talk about LOTR. It was one of the loveliest moments of my life. Thank you Richard 👍
Leinad Reign
Leinad Reign - 20 dager siden
The girl deserves a price for that achievement!
Really, I mean it!
senseimaster9000 - 20 dager siden
This is so amazingly beautiful, I Immediately wished I was there so I could tell her how awesome I think these prints are. She has done something very very special with this project, and I can't imagine that the results of her experimentations won't reach out and expand into many other use-cases.
That 3D feathering man, it's astounding
LeftBlank - 20 dager siden
Anyone else notice the Cube 2 picture behind Adam? I wonder what that’s about
angelbar - 20 dager siden
Next level of cringe on that busted nails... take care...
Adam W Hankins
Adam W Hankins - 20 dager siden
this would change prosthetic eyes forever. PLEASE make that happen
Brian's Builds
Brian's Builds - 20 dager siden
Was Adam and Richard digging in the garden before looking at these eyes? lol. Their hands look like what mine look like after gardening or painting models.
Cameron Webster
Cameron Webster - 20 dager siden
Adam always asks the right questions
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce - 20 dager siden
For anyone curious, this is done on a “material jetting” 3d printer (Stratasys J750) it’s a printer that has been developed by Stratasys to print human anatomy models…
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown - 20 dager siden
Most impressive.
Not_A_Gamer - 20 dager siden
white white white.... everywhere on youtube see whites bragging how hard working they are... as if they did all this by themselves... lovely
Sebastian Gies
Sebastian Gies - 20 dager siden
12:41 pun intended?
kainianer - 20 dager siden
Right now the coolest things are made with 3D printers. 3D here 3D printer there, more cheap ones on ebay, amazon or kickstarter. Everybody should have gotten at least in contact with one by now. You should really start getting into some CAD now(!) otherwise the ship has sailed. Give it some more years for the other patents (eg. CLIP by carbon) to expire and spare parts are created at home more efficiently, not sent by the manufacturer. Hold that thought.
Nozyspy - 20 dager siden
Adam, scrub those fingernails man!
Haristess - 21 dag siden
filthy fingers and nails on a girls hard work :S
And dont get me started on the "wheres your mask?"
Thomas Murdoch
Thomas Murdoch - 20 dager siden
WETA is based in New Zealand and we don’t need masks as we don’t have community transmission of COVID-19.
Apex - 21 dag siden
Unbelievable fidelity and finishing.
majuss06 - 21 dag siden
The thing that stood out for me in this video (apart from the AMAZING work) was Richards obvious and almost fatherly pride in Tor and her abilities.
mouserr - 21 dag siden
until they figure out how to consistently replace peoples real eyes in post and continue to use contact lenses that will remain an disengaging experience for me because i can _always_ clearly tell when someone is wearing a colored contact as an artist i know eyes, spend a few decades being frustrated by them and youll understand completely what the guy is saying and contacts, no matter how beautifully crafted, are a poor covering that fakes detail at the expense of immersion ... G'kar from B5 for example or Drax from GotG ... any time they need a full eye change and go the contact route im taken out of the experience because it stands out so badly to me
Kevin Spencer
Kevin Spencer - 21 dag siden
Would have been cool to get a glimpse at the software sculpting side of this
Antistatic Playground
Antistatic Playground - 21 dag siden
Very cool! Lots of respect from Belgium!!!
Pittsburgh Estate Sales
Pittsburgh Estate Sales - 21 dag siden
Richard Spears
Richard Spears - 21 dag siden
That Stratasys 3D printer is amazing!