House of MCU - This is Only a Test 586 - 2/11/21

The gang gets together to recap their favorite bits from this past weekend's Superb Owl, including the new camera tech used for the broadcast and the best chicken wing recipes. Kishore shares tips for streamlining your streaming services, and Will guests this week to dive into the mind-bending implications of the latest WandaVision episode.
Thanks to Will for guesting this week! You can listen to Tech Pod at
Kenji's oven-fried chicken wing recipe:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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@Matías Grasso 😊
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 20 dager siden
@Matías Grasso no vr minute this week?
Matías Grasso
Matías Grasso - 20 dager siden
A man of culture i see. I mean.. a bot
ROBNOB9X - 2 dager siden
Pretty sad that, what used to be my favourite podcast has become shorter and shorter until it's just a half hour of spoiler talk (which I usually have to skip) and then briefly touching a few news stories. It used to be so much more in depth and funny conversations but unfortunately now it just appears that you guys seem to just want to get it over with as quick as possible and the new motto is, "a short one this week" or "we haven't got much time". :-(
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas - 9 dager siden
39m52s if you just came for the WandaVision discussion.
elbjornbjorn - 14 dager siden
Wait, this isn't about microcontrollers?
Christopher O'Connor
Christopher O'Connor - 15 dager siden
Surely Patrick Stewart as Professor X to help sort out Wanda's mind?
Stanton Lloyd
Stanton Lloyd - 16 dager siden
Im for the binge watch!
chex313 - 17 dager siden
Just here for Tested...will spend the night clearing out the AS vids that youtube thinks I want to see....:(
Cancelled live TV on Hulu to save $54 and use an HDHomerun Quatro/Plex for live TV ...did put the antenna on my roof for the best reception. Can watch on every device anywhere. Records to my server. One time cost of $150 (The antenna I got for free)
I miss ESPN a little, miss the golf channel.
Abraham Hatch
Abraham Hatch - 19 dager siden
I am surprised you guy haven't started talking about resident Alien
Abraham Hatch
Abraham Hatch - 19 dager siden
I think falcon and winter soldier is going into the black widow and Hawkeyes storey lines. And maybe all will be secret invasion type storey
keen7981 - 19 dager siden
I can't believe ya'll got me to look up a cappella windows sounds, but at the same time I can absolutely believe that.
TheIronDuke - 19 dager siden
you played that outro last week
TheMixmastamike1000 - 19 dager siden
I tried to add a link to the windows acapella but youtube wont let me. You would think a youtube link would work in a youtube comments.
All In The Game
All In The Game - 19 dager siden
The setting up of the Thunderbolts led by Baron Zemo as long term antagonists for the MCU would seem to be one of the key goals of the FATWS show.
Grahzzy MEDIA
Grahzzy MEDIA - 20 dager siden
cat videos are everywhere
Magius61 - 20 dager siden
Kishore has finally snapped his shit I see. 😂
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson - 20 dager siden
is anyone here for not adam savage?
goalcam - 18 dager siden
Yes. I subscribe to this channel primarily for this podcast.
Titan X
Titan X - 20 dager siden
I like Will. Glad he's on! Hope we'll see more of him on the podcast this year and beyond!
NamuZed - 20 dager siden
Legit used to be me favorite podcast. I unsubscribed 2 years ago. Just popped in to see if it's still cringe.
ultranitro - 20 dager siden
What happened to the podcast with Adam Savage?
Zak/ OoCoasteroO
Zak/ OoCoasteroO - 19 dager siden
Its gone. They retired it I believe.
Charles Orr
Charles Orr - 20 dager siden
That is a glorious quarantine beard.
Wolf Brave
Wolf Brave - 20 dager siden
WINDOWS 95?! I AM ON WINDOWS 10 ! I am so outdated
Ron G
Ron G - 20 dager siden
Zippy Dastrange
Zippy Dastrange - 20 dager siden
How do you do the cat thing and dose it work in OBS? =0-o=
ᵖᵗᵒᵒᵉᵞ - 20 dager siden
c’mon guys, that windows logo existed back in 3.0 days already
B Lynn
B Lynn - 20 dager siden
I sort of agree with Kenji that people should probably have waited to watch the WandaVision series only after the 4th episode was released. Those first 4 episodes really belong together. Kind of like a Made for TV movie followed up by a series to continue the story.
Roger Legg
Roger Legg - 20 dager siden
Any one know what or where the hardware Kishore is referring to can be found for OTA? I am interested in OTA with pause and fast-forward capability.
chex313 - 17 dager siden
I have not gotten to that point in the podcast yet...I use and like HDHomerun Quatro and watch it thru Plex. It can pause and fast forward 20 times faster than Hulu. Records up to 4 channels at a time.
1 - 20 dager siden
This was horrible cringe
Marco Miceli
Marco Miceli - 20 dager siden
I found the Weeknd roll out of his album amazing the aesthetic has been a slow build and really cool to see it come to the super bowl half time. Like he’s not Gaga but I felt like he’s hugely relevant this past year
oltorf520 - 20 dager siden
Your political commentary still sucks balls
Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer - 20 dager siden
Live sports directors are amazing. The exhibit at the Museum of The Moving Image showing the control room during a Mets game is one my favorites there
Whitefish81 - 20 dager siden
They asked earlier what is the objective of the F&WS series and I reckon it's to set up more new heroes just like Wandavision.
Alfonso Sánchez
Alfonso Sánchez - 20 dager siden
Was listening the audio version and came here to watch the sweater
Mitchell Thomas
Mitchell Thomas - 20 dager siden
that electric mustang is only a mustang by name, its an electric suv... they should have just called it mach e or at least made it a coupe
Arjan Kremer
Arjan Kremer - 20 dager siden
Heks is dutch for witch.
Tru S Armor
Tru S Armor - 20 dager siden
why are these updloaded in the middle of the night? its the internet, it doesnt matter but im just curious
Thomas Cochran
Thomas Cochran - 20 dager siden
BOOMER - 20 dager siden
If Adam answers me I will be a happy person all day today
John Reese
John Reese - 20 dager siden
Ok Boomer
j.c sb
j.c sb - 20 dager siden
Walkman diy guardians of the galaxy case phone Huawei
T1MERUNN3R 414 - 20 dager siden
Chiefs didn't show up Professor K! What the Hell? All Hail the GOAT: Tommy boy Brady...
N P - 20 dager siden
Brilliant thumbnail!
2000jago - 20 dager siden
Awww fuck. Will's here, podcast rendered instantly unwatchable. Thumbs down, see you next week.
Taijifufu - 20 dager siden
When Will started listing all of the detective shows with older celebrities I couldn't help imagine Last Crusade with Elsa screaming behind Will but his beard just gets longer and more unkempt with every TV show mentioned.
Be Low Below
Be Low Below - 20 dager siden
Furries really becoming mainstream in the 2020s
Harry Neary
Harry Neary - 20 dager siden
Will's on. Guess I'll watch/listen for the first time in a while.
Jacobson Franecki
Jacobson Franecki - 20 dager siden
John Michelin
John Michelin - 20 dager siden
The dude with the cat face can just go away. If I met him in person I'm sure I would not be nice.
Simon Holmbo
Simon Holmbo - 20 dager siden
The gang is not together when Jeremy isn't there!
KiwiRawks - 20 dager siden
You should write down a real recipe for us on how to do wings so we can follow
GR4M3R G4M3R !T&B!
GR4M3R G4M3R !T&B! - 20 dager siden
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Cat: hello there
Jacobson Franecki
Jacobson Franecki - 20 dager siden
Zeke - 20 dager siden
"I'm not a cat"
meme mode and chimbugis
meme mode and chimbugis - 20 dager siden
Epic gamer moment
VENJO - 20 dager siden
John Michelin
John Michelin - 20 dager siden
Really.. You're happy with with third?
Be Better
Be Better - 20 dager siden
I’m a horrible test taker.
GR4M3R G4M3R !T&B!
GR4M3R G4M3R !T&B! - 20 dager siden
You where first
VENJO - 20 dager siden
Grant DeAngelis
Grant DeAngelis - 20 dager siden
Hi 2nd
John Michelin
John Michelin - 20 dager siden
First loser Yahoo
Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson - 20 dager siden
Harley Daniels
Harley Daniels - 20 dager siden
Hi 1!!!