Ask Adam Savage: Why I Still Like Blade Runner

"Is there a difference in what attracted you to Blade Runner when you first saw it and what still attracts you to it to this day?" "Since refining your machining skills this year, what one Blade Runner (franchise) prop would you like to tackle?" In this excerpt from our Feb. 9 live stream, Adam answers a wide range of questions from Tested members Grovespaz, Seth Huckstead, Nerds&Makers, KingNickSA and Brian Creasey (whom we thank for their support!). Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 10 dager siden
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lewis Matson-Morse
lewis Matson-Morse - 2 dager siden
@Kenzo Mathew "joined two days ago" are you even a real person
Kenzo Mathew
Kenzo Mathew - 2 dager siden
@Darwin Juelz I will try it out right now. Seems promising.
lewis Matson-Morse
lewis Matson-Morse - 2 dager siden
@Darwin Juelz nobody does care
Darwin Juelz
Darwin Juelz - 2 dager siden
Not sure if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D
ff - 9 dager siden
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez - 2 dager siden
"It's a great thing to be defeated by your kids in competition."
*Goku has left the chat*
Extreme Chimpout
Extreme Chimpout - 2 dager siden
Adam sounds like he has covid
Quest4Content - 2 dager siden
blade runner resonates with me because i think all of us have a desire to know who created us, how and why. Also having our lives (lifespan for the replicants in the movie, Rick Deckard always questioning if his life is) predetermined is something I believe we all yearn for.
Rand0mN0rwegianGuy - 3 dager siden
Blade Runner 2049 might actually be my favourite film *of all time.* What a masterpiece.
I love the Original too, though :-) (it's probably in my top 10)
Satan The Great
Satan The Great - 3 dager siden
I wish they make Blade Runner 3.
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
Closer2theheart 68
Closer2theheart 68 - 6 dager siden
Oh damn! I don't remember anything after Adam said he was going to make a Voigt-Kampff machine.
Melissa Rice
Melissa Rice - 6 dager siden
When Blade Runner first came out, I had to read PK Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” the source/inspiration for the film - great for an added dimension. Vangelis’ soundtrack was also on heavy replay. I too loved Murakami’s “1Q84.” I love his storytelling.
Anders Öhlund
Anders Öhlund - 6 dager siden
I want more movies in the Ridley-verse but I don't want them to be Blade Runner or Alien. I want something NEW in that universe. I just want to visit that world again.
Technically the movie Soldier (1998) is apparently set in the same universe but it's not the same caliber and not made by Ridley. Best part of that movie is Loreena McKennitt - night ride across the Caucasus on the soundtrack
John whitton
John whitton - 7 dager siden
Adam, you just make me smile, thank you
Polar Bear
Polar Bear - 7 dager siden
It really makes me happy when I hear someone influential and someone that I've really admire since I was young talk about art in a positive way (mainly painting as I'm studying it at university) Not just the classics like Degas as you mentioned but also Francis Bacon and Keifer whom many people as I've heard dislike/hate, and those people go on to belittle and hate on contemporary artists just because they're not like the old masters. Of course it's an opinion, but what is the point when it ends up putting young artists like me down? I have been in a super deep block/slump, your videos really cheer me up so thank you 😊
Patric Murphy
Patric Murphy - 9 dager siden
Martin De Sandozequi
Martin De Sandozequi - 9 dager siden
Blade Runner 2049 is the best movie I've ever seen
At Home With CJ
At Home With CJ - 9 dager siden
MR. Savage I was wondering if you would do me the honor of being a guest on one of my live streams
Daemon Can
Daemon Can - 9 dager siden
Adam said "Horse" & "plops" in the same sentence.
Daemon Can
Daemon Can - 9 dager siden
Times Square 1982: Not too far removed from L.A. 2019 as depicted in the film.
LovelessEvil - 9 dager siden
Blade Runner is my favorite movie
James O'Blivion
James O'Blivion - 9 dager siden
It's entirely different for me now. I fell in love with the world of Blade Runner at first sight. The production design wowed me like no film before, or since. So I still love the world, but what I love most about the film now...the themes of what it means to be human, how much more human the replicants truly are than the demoralized humans who enslave them...all of that took time for me to discover and fully appreciate.
I like to do it myself - Paweł Wiloch
... Adam, za dużo mówienia za mało pokazywania ,
Yorkshire Dragoon
Yorkshire Dragoon - 9 dager siden
" Why I still like Bladerunner " ... because its bloody amazing thats why... simples
Purplefizz - 9 dager siden
Adam, I am so glad you mentioned “falling into” Art, I had this exact experience looking at “The Fighting Temeraire” by Turner in London, people around me thought I was breaking down, difficult to explain why to my Wife without sounding weird.
BR has always been the yardstick other film should be measured against for me, I still watch occasionally and still see something I’ve missed previously, it’s Ridleys Mona Lisa.
emesde - 9 dager siden
Do you consider the CS-80 to be one the cast members of blader runner ?
Heavymetalweld 805
Heavymetalweld 805 - 9 dager siden
Should I watch BladeRunner? Am I missing something?
butt fudge
butt fudge - 9 dager siden
19 years old = adult
THE SCUMM BAR - 9 dager siden
That awkward moment where Adam doesn't realise "spaz" is a pejorative against disabled people in the UK and says it like 6 times. 😬
DamionChrist - 9 dager siden
I assumed Deckard didn’t have his own Police Spinner and only rode in Gaff’s in the original. Deckard only had the orange car.
Jeff Kling
Jeff Kling - 9 dager siden
I wish we could do a commentary track (maybe MST3K style) of Adam watching Blade Runner. I want to love it as much as he does...
Stephan Muller
Stephan Muller - 9 dager siden
Blade Runner - a timeless dystopian Film Noir, a 1982 vision of what could be the future...watching this movie over and over is a luxury that new technology brought us with DVD - everything is perfect in this movie, the picture, SFX , Acting, Story and the music from Vangelis enhance so well the atmosphere...a must to possess
Henrik Sommerland
Henrik Sommerland - 9 dager siden
Have you read Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? The story is quite different than Blade Runner and it has a much more spiritual tone to it but still has the same "vibe".
One of the best books I have ever read. Philip K Dick is a genius.
Reed - 9 dager siden
A new mill? Weren’t there like 5 videos improving the current one?
Tor Ravengael
Tor Ravengael - 9 dager siden
4:21 The moment that Adam starts rambling like an old pothead loon.
LemurKrazy - 9 dager siden
Voight kampff machines will become real. Lie research discovered pupils dilute when people lie.
Snarky . Live
Snarky . Live - 9 dager siden
Blade Runner is just Houston on a rainy night. People who want to live in an endless city dig h-tine.
Eliot Brown
Eliot Brown - 9 dager siden
Blade Runner spinner... I'm sorry, Adam, did you once refer to yourself as a "maker"? 36" version is easier because it is so big. IMHO...
Eliot Brown
Eliot Brown - 9 dager siden
Times Square in the mid-80s-- and mid-70s... yep.
ff - 9 dager siden
knight rider
knight rider - 9 dager siden
I've never seen blade runner. Will have to watch it sometime.
ff - 9 dager siden
Jimmy Jammy
Jimmy Jammy - 9 dager siden
Surprised he doesn't have a Voight-Kampff unit mock-up. Might be a good project. Seems challenging.
Magnus Palmstierna Eckhéll
Magnus Palmstierna Eckhéll - 9 dager siden
Still one of my favourite films.
ff - 9 dager siden
Memq - 9 dager siden
Still like?
Grahamm5790 - 9 dager siden
is it ok I preferer 2049 to the original?
Mick McCarthy
Mick McCarthy - 10 dager siden
Honestly, I recokn an entire channel about Adam talking about Blade Runner and related bits & pieces would be a big success
Opin-Eon - 10 dager siden
Though it was a vocal slip, I think "100 years of solid tools" seemed a strangely apt phrase for Adam. 😁
Chris Haberland
Chris Haberland - 10 dager siden
the music always captivates me... an awesome cast.
morgan 5171
morgan 5171 - 10 dager siden
Is it cause you both suck"
Joking. 😜
newwavepop - 10 dager siden
this is how i feel about "The Warriors"
LylaRose Tanisha Cooke
LylaRose Tanisha Cooke - 10 dager siden
Hi Adam and the team, I wait patiently every day for the next vid you put out! I was wondering if you have ever built or thought of building a terminator mechanical arm? Lots of machining involved
dajerk70 - 10 dager siden
My mom took me with her to see blade runner. Thank you mom, I love you. Keep it up.
tekko001 - 10 dager siden
A new Mill? Adam is not like you don't have the BIGGEST, LARGEST, MOST EXPENSIVE mill i've ever seen a private person have already
Mitch Gibbs
Mitch Gibbs - 10 dager siden
Blade Runner is a melding of sci-fi and art..... I’m thankful that 2049 was a sequel that overcame any doubt that one can be made to bring closure both on and off screen...
Epicmonk117 - 10 dager siden
Have you ever considered doing a sort of mini-Mythbusters-type show on Tested?
Seth - 10 dager siden
Has he mentioned at any point where he picked up that 2049 blaster?
Steve rogers
Steve rogers - 10 dager siden
Could someone please explain to me why the wooden horse was worth an absolute fortune in Blade Runner 2049, yet Sappers wooden tree was completely ignored by everyone?
Brett Salter
Brett Salter - 10 dager siden
Fascinating, insightful, nostalgic and very relatable. Thank you Adam for realising things about yourself that help me know my 'self' a little better.
Trevor Parks
Trevor Parks - 10 dager siden
I would love to see you do a One Day Build of Sapper Morton's medical bag.
Donnie Rotten
Donnie Rotten - 10 dager siden
I have a great love for every thing Blade Runner and really look forward to every video you post related to it
thank you for these
olsonspeed - 10 dager siden
New mill? CNC? 2021 just got better for Adam.
John Oswald
John Oswald - 10 dager siden
Blade Runner for me is like a spiritual thing, it has all the elements of art I love and Harrison Ford as Deckard was the cherry as a child watching something I shouldn't. Syd Mead is to this day a massive influence on me, I love the mans work and Sir Ridley Scott is as influential and thought provoking as Stanley Kubrick, The Shining and Blade Runner are connected, At the end the car in the mountains in the helicopter shots are unused footage from The Shining intro.
jaywolfenstien - 10 dager siden
When the Special Edition came out, the one in the plastic briefcase with 5 versions of the film, I literally sat down and binge watched them all back to back. I have zero regrets. Just rewatched The Final Cut about a week ago, and it just gets more magnificent with each viewing.
jaywolfenstien - 9 dager siden
@mr bacchus Honestly, that's not a question that's ever interested me. But I look at movies differently than most people.
jaywolfenstien - 9 dager siden
@Kris Ryan It's more than "a bit" obsessive. It's full blown obsessive. I fully admit to that. But the thing that's depressing is, compared to some people with some franchises, that's "diet" obsessive.
mr bacchus
mr bacchus - 9 dager siden
So I'll consider you an expert. Is Deckard a replicant?
Kris Ryan
Kris Ryan - 9 dager siden
I love blade runner but jesus that's a bit obsessive.
Erwiin - 10 dager siden
Blade Runner is a timeless classic.
GuanoLad - 10 dager siden
I'm not a fan of Blade Runner at all, but I have my own movies that elicit a similar kind of dedicated adoration from me. Such as Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Willow, and Ladyhawke.
Sean Thayer
Sean Thayer - 10 dager siden
How do you like Neill Blomkamp?
Sean Thayer
Sean Thayer - 10 dager siden
Goodness. You really captured the feeling of the newness and excitement I felt about the world as a young man. Art, be it books, films, paintings, ect., was something felt viscerally. It quickened my appreciation for my fellow man and opened my eyes to the possibilities that life presented. In the years since, while my exposure to various media has enabled me to separate the wheat from the the chaff, I find those gems fewer and farther between. That is bittersweet. Thanks for the memories.
Alexander Probert
Alexander Probert - 10 dager siden
“Quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it. That’s what it is to be a slave” rip Rutger
dpw81 - 10 dager siden
Very apt.
Omi People
Omi People - 10 dager siden
Adam is such a wholesome man, he represents the geek in all of us.
Gary Willoughby
Gary Willoughby - 10 dager siden
I love that you put this up I'm posting this to Facebook ( bladezone)
FenderSidekick - 10 dager siden
How about a replicant?
Or maybe its too soon...
In Amber Clad
In Amber Clad - 10 dager siden
within cells...
ImageAlly - 10 dager siden
I love it whenever he talks about Blade Runner. Seems like he's in his happy place. If he started a second channel solely on BR, I'd be all for it.
Spud daily
Spud daily - 10 dager siden
I feel like I've had a similar experience with the John Wick movies. I was so obsessed I took Judo and Karate classes. It was indeed a product of whatever I felt was lacking in my identity in my highschool years, and I feel I would never experience them the same way if they were to come out now that I'm in college.
Travis Dacey
Travis Dacey - 10 dager siden
Omg why the dislikes, it's just an amazing myth buster talking about an amazing movie💁 or at least that's how I see this video😂
affinityforanime - 10 dager siden
Is a Jackson Pollock better IRL? Because when I look at his paintings online, all I can think is, "Me and the guys make Jackson Pollocks all over ourselves at work every day and nobody comes to admire the mess on our clothes."
Owen Duff
Owen Duff - 10 dager siden
loved this
Farrell McGovern
Farrell McGovern - 10 dager siden
I remember Times Square in the 1980s...I was in my early 20s, and I was staying at my aunt's place in Yonkers, and visiting a girlfriend in Long Island near Lynbrook on the LIRR...So I would walk between Grand Central and Penn Station since the subway at that time was kinda scary. I remember the porn shops and movie places...but I do miss the pinball arcades that were also in that area. But it was indeed a grimey, dirty time and place.
Dan Montie
Dan Montie - 10 dager siden
Roy’s speech is still one of the most beautiful moments ever captured on film.
The central plot points of the movie have never stopped being universal, and emotionally connected to by the audience.
Albert Pratt
Albert Pratt - 10 dager siden
Vangelis totally sets the mood with the soundtrack
R HEIDEMAN - 10 dager siden
C B - 10 dager siden
Couldn’t agree with Adam more. The shared experience of seeing Blade Runner with my high school chums; this after seeing ET and The Thing all on the same day. What an experience and what memories from the summer of ‘82!
dustin penner
dustin penner - 10 dager siden
Maybe I should try watching it again. It just didn't hit the first time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TK Skagen
TK Skagen - 10 dager siden
As a "Young Adult" myself, I always felt that the movie "STARGATE" got my attention alot, but ALMOST as much as "THE FIFTH ELEMENT".
My friend and I tried to figure how to make the "Staff Blaster" from Stargate for almost eight months, untill we "Re-Focused" on playing TMNT the Roll Playing Game, because we realized that the TECHNOLOGY doesn't exist...😿
Helix - 10 dager siden
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
ff - 9 dager siden
A 2021
A 2021 - 9 dager siden
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 10 dager siden
Yeah. .
Travis Lee
Travis Lee - 10 dager siden
Or like hiding a grain of sand on the beach
Albert Pratt
Albert Pratt - 10 dager siden
If you've seen the things I've seen
OneeGrimm - 10 dager siden
Can some one of the patreons ask Adam: Did he watched "Epic Rap Battles of History: Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters", and what was his reaction? take 8
Bruce Bromley
Bruce Bromley - 10 dager siden
The only thing disappointing about Blade Runner is that it's future is now two years in our past.
Les Lavo
Les Lavo - 10 dager siden
No one should have to explain themselves why they still like Blade Runner.
jaywolfenstien - 10 dager siden
I agree. I mean, Jesus Christ, just look at it. Blade Runner is gorgeous. What else does someone need?
Seth Larson
Seth Larson - 10 dager siden
I need to hear reasons why you still like this cinema masterpiece that inspired a generation!
onepcwhiz - 10 dager siden
I remember that comraderie as a young adult the first time I played Doom 2 with friends in our office on the company network. Man that was fun.
Ethan Kempista
Ethan Kempista - 10 dager siden
Anyone know what LEGO build he is making in this clip? Looks like a Jurassic park suv
Ethan Kempista
Ethan Kempista - 10 dager siden
@Bob the Brick Builder cool, do you know if he has a full clip of the build up? Looks interesting
Bob the Brick Builder
Bob the Brick Builder - 10 dager siden
That's what it is, Jurassic Park jeep.
fallingbed - 10 dager siden
Blade runner was one of the first movies that made me feel empty because of its bittersweet ending ;-;
Kris Ryan
Kris Ryan - 9 dager siden
The original ending was pretty lazy tbh
fallingbed - 10 dager siden
@Viper MD We call it Voight-Kampf for short
Viper MD
Viper MD - 10 dager siden
Is this to be an empathy test? Capillary dilation of the so-called 'blush response', fluctuation of the pupil, involuntary dilation of the iris.
olsonspeed - 10 dager siden
Easy Rider.
Девятихвостый Лис
Всякой хернёй страдает. Верните научно познавательную и развлекательную передачу "Разрушители легенд"
jack raintree
jack raintree - 10 dager siden
Well get out some plastic board and make the spinner you want why wait for someone to make a kit for you
John Bare
John Bare - 10 dager siden
Went on a curse in the 1980's and Syd Mead was on there and did a presentation (book sales too) and a lot of the questions in the Q&A session were about Blade Runner along with all the other movies he had done art for at that time (2010, TRON, Aliens). That was quite a good presentation, really enjoyed it. So long ago hard to remember many specific answers except that they used Chinese in the City backdrop as they wanted it to be extremely "busy" and if you could have read all the signs you would not pay attention to the narrative or some such reason.
jack raintree
jack raintree - 10 dager siden
I spit on your grave was a classic 😀
Donald Denning
Donald Denning - 10 dager siden
I like this format and would like to see a version where some else ask you the questions
MANNY J - 10 dager siden
Be grateful if you were born before NINETEEN EIGHTY FIVE😎!
shubus - 10 dager siden
I still love Blade Runner and it is the intense cohesiveness of the plot and cinematography that keeps me wanting to review it......and then on to Blade Runner 2049.
Linda Muvic
Linda Muvic - 10 dager siden
Blade runner was good,, but the sequel sucked.
William Brall
William Brall - 10 dager siden
Trailer for "I Spit On Your Grave" is the tamest of tame by today's standards.
Richard Green
Richard Green - 10 dager siden
Can I have your old mill? Just saying.😁
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus - 10 dager siden
Blade runner bores me to tears. I've tried and it's just...not my cup of tea.
Aaron G. Randall
Aaron G. Randall - 10 dager siden
Blade Runner was my first taste of cyberpunk meets detective "Noir" story. Being born in 1981 I grew up mostly alone and had movie and cartoons to help me escape to vast and interesting worlds. Blade Runner really took a firm hold on my heart. I still love the original and the sequel was excellent. Such a fantastic world Ridley Scott created for the world to enjoy.