Ask Adam Savage: Savage Builds' Complex Builds, Plus Those Rocket Gloves

How did Adam approach Savage Builds' complex builds? What was it like to work with his son on the series? And did he get to keep those Iron Man rocket gloves? In this excerpt from our Jan. 26 live stream, Adam answers questions from Tested members Mikey's Lab, Robb Johnston and makerpadwan wkp, whom we thank for their support and questions! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 22 dager siden
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Joey Ford
Joey Ford - 16 dager siden
Adam thank you for taking the time out of your day to make these segments. as a now semi-experienced maker, I discovered my passion as a child watching Mythbusters and you as an idol. But now as an adult, I see you like a father figure that I can come learn and listen to anytime I need. Every video makes me smile and every segment teaches me something new. Thank you Adam for all you have added to this world and to my life personally.
Bryan Seifstein
Bryan Seifstein - 17 dager siden
Someone else rememberes junkyard wars!
Jesus von Nazaret
Jesus von Nazaret - 17 dager siden
I can't wait for my son to be old enough to do stuff with him
The Winged Porpoise
The Winged Porpoise - 17 dager siden
Even if the jetpack is real it's pranking pilots
Brady Hill
Brady Hill - 17 dager siden
This channel has one of the best comment sections of all time. Almost never anything bad or anything it’s all just good and wholesome comments
Matt Bryce
Matt Bryce - 17 dager siden
someone admitted the jetpack guy at LAX is faked with visual effects, they even showed the after effects project files
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill - 18 dager siden
Would you ever consider working with the awesome Colin Furze? And do you have your own Safety Necktie?
PiDsMedia - 18 dager siden
Wonder how those pilots are going to react to the Airspeeder.
Christopher Millar
Christopher Millar - 18 dager siden
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Richard Arnold
Richard Arnold - 18 dager siden
Roland's success story everywhere, wow 😯!!! Mr Roland lerch is a well known certified bitcoin and stock exchange trader. He taught me all the ethics of trading i know today.
Josh Love
Josh Love - 18 dager siden
@Jac Manuell thanks I've already sent him a text
Cleo Jessy
Cleo Jessy - 18 dager siden
wow ,I know Mr Roland lerch,i met him at a conference in Birmingham last year where he introduced us to his platform. He help me recover all my students loans, his platform is like a company where you invest and they help you trade then pay you profits either weekly or monthly. it' very beneficial
Jac Manuell
Jac Manuell - 18 dager siden
@Josh Love someone already shared it
Jac Manuell
Jac Manuell - 18 dager siden
This Expert must be very good at what he does . Well am gonna find out myself, writing to him now.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith - 18 dager siden
You're a cool parent.
I feel exactly the same way.
OneeGrimm - 18 dager siden
Can some one of the patreons ask Adam: Did he watched "Epic Rap Battles of History: Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters", and what was his reaction? take 5
Aitch Pea
Aitch Pea - 18 dager siden
Working with your kids on something you enjoy must be just as much fun as it is for the kids. When I was in my mid twenties I got to work with my Dad on a couple of jobs (we were both prototype wirers). Communication was simple because we inherently understood each other, and we had a real blast. He's gone now, but I will always treasure the months we worked together.
Sam Ridgwell
Sam Ridgwell - 19 dager siden
As a father of two young ones (4 & 6) i love hearing Adam talk about his experiences as a father. The little things he mentions like them holding your index finger when out in the world, i totally get. so when he talks about them as adults, it makes me excited for the future to see my own sons grow into independent adults. I'm a few years off, so I'll cherish my time with them now.
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar - 19 dager siden
I’m a dad of a great son. That said I never once wondered about what kind of dad I’d be if I had a kid. As for what kind of dad I am well I’m the kind of dad my dad is.
Assagixxx - 19 dager siden
It's gonna be funny when people watch this and don't have to wear masks anymore.
Dustin Berry
Dustin Berry - 19 dager siden
Adam Savage sets the bar for productivity.
Jerome Thiel
Jerome Thiel - 19 dager siden
I've done both my kids.... FBI incoming! ^-^
I know what you meant. Good clean fun. One of my greatest feelings was being able to treat my whole family to dinner. Paying back all the prior moments of being the one who needed dinner bought for them.
Angus MacRoy
Angus MacRoy - 19 dager siden
Tell us about the Myth Busters Fart Episode
David Evens
David Evens - 19 dager siden
Many years ago, I read David Gerrold's book The Trouble with Tribbles. This is his account of the creation of the titular episode of ST:TOS. He wrote about the level of rewriting (as he was the scriptwriter for the episode), which was extremely high, but worked for a comedic episode. On that show, each alteration to the original shooting script was done on a different color paper, in an established order. Normally, they'd have maybe 5 layers of rewrites to the shooting script. There was something like 20 on that episode, and had colors never otherwise seen in a script.
415 s30
415 s30 - 19 dager siden
Sounds like folk racing in Finland, they keep the price low and if you win another person can ask to trade vehicles with you to keep it fair.
Rick Smart
Rick Smart - 19 dager siden
That jet pack guy is free Dubai.
GuanoLad - 19 dager siden
I'm quite impressed how Adam has managed to shield his kids from public visibility, even though I'm sure they are as active on social media as anyone of their generation. I assume, now they're fully mature adults, they'll reveal themselves somewhere in due course.
Laurence Michael Bennett
Laurence Michael Bennett - 19 dager siden
I admit this was an excellent episode and looked like you all had a ton of fun except for the break in :(
comfortably numb
comfortably numb - 19 dager siden
Pranking people with a fake jetpack and person? Could be the Joog Squad..
beautifulsmall - 19 dager siden
Im the same age as Adam , my sister also gained extreem ideas, I think the trigger was a minor car crash , accelerating her blood pressure and causing a minute brain pop. causing initially time not working where time was given to chasing the rabbit hole whatever that may be, a sense of impending doom she had. unexplainable. Are your kids really called Thing 1 and Thing2, that would be great, ive 4. bgbg, love your work. Almost finished the Multico M1 morticer restoration.
revengefrommars - 19 dager siden
Hey, you finally fixed the chair squeak! Thanks.
ElectroDFW - 19 dager siden
He actually live-streamed that too! You'll have to go back a few episodes, but we saw him do it! 😁
Deron Meranda
Deron Meranda - 19 dager siden
I loved Junkyard Wars (and UK's Scrapheap Challenge). Adam should pursue a new show along those lines.
Josh Bauer
Josh Bauer - 18 dager siden
He would be the ultimate host for that, holy. Discovery...please...
Mikey's Lab
Mikey's Lab - 19 dager siden
Thank you again Adam, I appreciate your time as always. I loved that episode, one of my favorites from that show. Recent videos of yours have inspired me to rebuild my lab once again, continual improvement method, to try to get closer to your first order of retrieval goal. As always, stay safe, and thank you for the inspiration
PerfumedManatee - 19 dager siden
Post-hoc excitement.
olsonspeed - 19 dager siden
I would place money on the LAX Jetman being a drone, there are several videos on YouTube of R/C 1:1 scale flying man models that look very convincing.
MojaveMuse - 19 dager siden
Wastelanders Represent
Dave Davies
Dave Davies - 19 dager siden
The most memorable event of my parenting experience was the first time my son exceeded my ability at a particular task. I taught him to juggle 3 balls one weekend. Within a month he was juggling 4 balls and doing tricks way beyond my capacity. #proudfather
Thom Per
Thom Per - 19 dager siden
Why is there a sword casually hanging on the table??
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt - 19 dager siden
He made that in an episode - Savage Build, I think.
CorwynGC - 19 dager siden
Swords are laid back. Everyone thinks they are stuffy, but really not, when you get to know them.
Anthony Hinds
Anthony Hinds - 19 dager siden
My parenting thing was that i was besides myself waiting for my Daughter to learn to speak, i so wanted to know what my special little angel was thinking and to share conversations with her.
mark pasquale
mark pasquale - 19 dager siden
uriituw - 19 dager siden
Why are you shouting?
Captain Firepower
Captain Firepower - 19 dager siden
All caps? That’s a common turnoff. Who knows, maybe he will.
Caroline Tyler RC
Caroline Tyler RC - 19 dager siden
'Jetpack' man - must be something like this...
Nicolas Andersen
Nicolas Andersen - 19 dager siden
Rob as in you where there or stole while you where not there?
Mikey's Lab
Mikey's Lab - 19 dager siden
While they were not, between shooting days
CorwynGC - 19 dager siden
SurleyBlaine - 19 dager siden
Anything they don't let you do on Discovery, like cyclekarts, you should do on your own channel with who you want.
SurleyBlaine - 19 dager siden
@David Evens They are basically go-carts so I can't see it being that bad. Also, if anyone can get a sponsor it's Adam.
David Evens
David Evens - 19 dager siden
Yeah, he probably doesn't have the money these days. While the base vehicle is not overly expensive, that's not the sort of thing that doesn't spiral to crazy costs very fast.
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth - 19 dager siden
*ooooh....wasteland weekend...something new to add to the bucket list*
soggy_Pringle_K.G. B
soggy_Pringle_K.G. B - 19 dager siden
Simone giertz
soggy_Pringle_K.G. B
soggy_Pringle_K.G. B - 18 dager siden
@Captain Firepower I meant Simone giertz ?
Captain Firepower
Captain Firepower - 19 dager siden
I thought so. Thanks.
c cright
c cright - 19 dager siden
Lmfao your Steve-O impression was gnarly haha
Mike beats tsb
Mike beats tsb - 19 dager siden
Not Steve O from jackass,
B. Karhunen
B. Karhunen - 19 dager siden
When your son was there, was it not made clear he was your son, or did people figure it out by either last name or facial similarities?
Chris - 19 dager siden
$8 for a patch? Yeah ok!
Decoy - 19 dager siden
Brian - 19 dager siden
we should have a gravity YouTube fly off get some others colin furze the hacksmith tom scott simone and see who can do the longest
Miky ॐ
Miky ॐ - 19 dager siden
lol .. my father is the opposite
carbonitedreamer - 19 dager siden
my parenting thing was wanting to do science projects with my child/children and i got to do that thanks to mythbusters. the mentos and diet cola episode my boy was 5 at the time he saw that and just lit up watching you guys do that stuff so we got permission from mom to do it out side and then went and got cola and mentos and we spent a good 2 hours doing rocket experiments and trying to make the cola clear the house. i cant wait to see what i get to do in a few years when hes older and working as a geologist which is his dream now. love of science all from two guys playing with cola.
carbonitedreamer - 18 dager siden
oh yeah lol we had to be hosed off before mom would let us come back in.
comfortably numb
comfortably numb - 19 dager siden
That's awesome. Great way to get a little one interested in experimenting. And good job getting mom's permission. I bet you were both sticky after that fun.
Willie Last
Willie Last - 19 dager siden
Mythbusters was a gift
B. Winky
B. Winky - 19 dager siden
What was the reason the goo canister test failed and gave you a blood nose?
Motörheart TK
Motörheart TK - 19 dager siden
So, did Jamie build a drone that looks like a guy with a jet pack to prank pilots?
Motörheart TK
Motörheart TK - 18 dager siden
@Smoke & Mirrors "The Busterbusters"?
Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors - 18 dager siden
I feel like this is a myth worth investigating... by a tv show... anyone got any ideas?
Motörheart TK
Motörheart TK - 19 dager siden
@Michael Ramon Ah yes, i heard he's fallen on some hard times/surfaces
David Evens
David Evens - 19 dager siden
@Michael Ramon I though Buster was destroyed for good in his last appearance.
Michael Ramon
Michael Ramon - 19 dager siden
No, but Buster is the "guy" wearing it. (Don't judge him. His old show ended and he needed a new gig.)
SpatialDragon - 19 dager siden
In tomorrow's episode we see Adam being browbeat by the FBI in relation to his knowledge about the "rocketman drone." Only kidding. But it would be a typical over-reaction....
unknown user
unknown user - 19 dager siden

David Evens
David Evens - 19 dager siden
...the hell...
loucos motiva ferromodelismo Hobbies
Lance - 19 dager siden
I miss MythBusters
Viccip Exe
Viccip Exe - 19 dager siden
Night lancer yes bring back myth busters!!!
ZnakerFIN - 19 dager siden
Jamie has talked about it before why it won't happen. This is one of those videos
PicklesTheCarnie - 19 dager siden
You are awesome and inspiring from the east coast
Michael Lawn
Michael Lawn - 19 dager siden
Next time you do q and a, can you answer if you ever gotten scarred while doing myth buster show?
Michael Lawn
Michael Lawn - 19 dager siden
@ZnakerFIN I will pass in that case.
ZnakerFIN - 19 dager siden
Become a member and ask on his live stream. He has said at the end of several videos that is where the questions are asked.
Gershon Bass
Gershon Bass - 19 dager siden
Bring MythBusters back 🙏🏽
ZnakerFIN - 19 dager siden
@Willie Last This should explain why it won't happen
Matthew Jorgensen
Matthew Jorgensen - 19 dager siden
@Willie Last Adam had addressed this in one of his videos. It ran it's course and now it's done.
Willie Last
Willie Last - 19 dager siden
@Matthew Jorgensen why not? it started with just Adam & Jamie no?
Matthew Jorgensen
Matthew Jorgensen - 19 dager siden
It wouldn't be the same...
Pheasant Fanatics
Pheasant Fanatics - 19 dager siden
Early hey
SkyFire - 19 dager siden
Frankie :p
Frankie :p - 19 dager siden
Viccip Exe
Viccip Exe - 19 dager siden
Hello im 3rd
Night Lancer
Night Lancer - 19 dager siden
super early!
The LEGOfire KID productions
The LEGOfire KID productions - 19 dager siden