Adam Savage Tests the AIR Active Filtration Helmet!

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Adam unboxes and performs a quick test of this novel new helmet designed to provide active air filtration while giving the user a wide field of view with its big plastic dome. It's evocative of a spacesuit helmet you're meant to wear around in the world, and Adam checks out how well it works with a walk around the neighborhood.
Air filtration helmet:
Shot by Adam Savage
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 14:49


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 22 dager siden
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Gary Collins
Gary Collins - 2 dager siden
If you buff the inside with shaving gel (foam) it won't steam up
GordieGii - 8 dager siden
@Deplorable Pirate Captain Gunbeard Not sure about Electroboom...
Deplorable Pirate Captain Gunbeard
You should talk to Bigclivedotcom or GreatScott or Electroboom on how to increase the fan speed and flow.
GordieGii - 10 dager siden
@HELRATZ 96 I love the gloves and kleenex holder!
THeBLACkyCHAn27 - 15 dager siden
Hey Adam! For your fogging problem try washing your visor lense with shaving cream. Winter sports guys use it for their goggles and helmets. It also works well on your bathroom mirror to prevent fogging during a steamy shower!
Joey Pineda
Joey Pineda - 4 timer siden
Good to see Mr savage again
Michael D
Michael D - 9 timer siden
rainX on the inside perhaps
Shaar roambeans
Shaar roambeans - 12 timer siden
Just needs a short burst defogger fan! Loud, but quick.
Amy Williams-Scott
Amy Williams-Scott - 15 timer siden
I've been looking for years for something that creates an air bubble because of allergies. Think this would fill that need?
Hunzy H
Hunzy H - 21 time siden
Nose cone like an scba mask.
MrGreenAKAguci00 - 23 timer siden
Two Noctua NF-A4x20 fans mounted at the top of the visor and aimed down (area for eyes should have most priority, my face can be fogged up I need to see) should help greatly. They get to 5.53 CFM (9.4 m3/h) each, and they aren't too bad sound wise.
Wxiba - Dag siden
Our bois about ready to play Among Us
Bananen Monarchie
Bananen Monarchie - Dag siden
Debunk the PCR test
Atsard- Dali
Atsard- Dali - Dag siden
Your suppose to wear the mask within the mask....
Salamander - Dag siden
There's anti-fog coatings that motorbike riders sometimes use for helmets, I wonder how well they would work here (motorbike helmets likely have more air flow simply due to movement, so it may not be as effective for this?)
John Mellott
John Mellott - Dag siden
anti fog wipes??
Bikes & Blades
Bikes & Blades - Dag siden
13:23 Probably the right solution to avoid fogging is a larger, multi-lobe or helical screw-type positive-displacement pump, running at low RPM, coupled with fine-line heating elements on the faceshield itself.... I mean, if you're going dorky, might as well go "full dork."
Bikes & Blades
Bikes & Blades - Dag siden
9:45 ...but it's not good, either... Maybe it's "not even wrong."
Damian Lewd
Damian Lewd - Dag siden
3:30 intro
7:30 actually puts it on
11:35 actual review
Depending on the filtration these could have healthcare applications. Or in closed environments where there is a constant temp
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins - 2 dager siden
Can you charge this thing from a battery pack while in use?
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins - 2 dager siden
Having the intake hepa filters and a bigger fan in a separate pack with a hose leading to the mask might reduce the noise problems.
Gas masks have something called 'tissot tubes' that direct the airflow directly onto the lenses when you breathe in, and this does a remarkably good job of defogging them.
Art and Design
Art and Design - 2 dager siden
When i first saw this on unbox therapy i immediately thought that Adam would be the first to buy one.
Jonny- B
Jonny- B - 2 dager siden
11:35 Noctua, Not Dyson ;)
Gary Collins
Gary Collins - 2 dager siden
If you buff the inside with shaving gel (foam) it won't steam up
Falcon X
Falcon X - 3 dager siden
It’s not practical.
maoriboy6007 - 3 dager siden
Try an Adflow welding helmet...they don't fog
MINDLESS EMPIRE - 4 dager siden
Whats up with people putting these in🚹-🚺 but in symbols.
In the comment.
mattig89ch - 4 dager siden
I would legit be curious to see this thing upgrated to remove that fogging issue. I work as IT phone support, so I could def use something like this at my desk. They just keep that AC cranked to 11, so I'd be worred about not being able to see the screen.
Mike Wood
Mike Wood - 4 dager siden
I think you should add a Snoopy cap to it for comfort and comms. :)
Roger Mischke
Roger Mischke - 4 dager siden
I'm surprised he didn't mod it straight away. :)
Socks With Sandals
Socks With Sandals - 4 dager siden
You look like one of the lobotomised zombie crew in Disney's "The Black Hole".
In a nice way 😁
Liam Elm
Liam Elm - 5 dager siden
I know adam could do better...... What about one like from the newer startrek ev suits? Eg: startrek discovery, microphone, ventilation, filtration
Chuck Sherron
Chuck Sherron - 5 dager siden
That's not the reality of what's happening now. There is little reality in what's happening right now.
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch - 5 dager siden
And here is was thinking this will make you look like a dork ... oh wait...
Renanbo - 6 dager siden
*Among us*
rkan2 - 6 dager siden
Just use a gas mask (build some exhale filtration to it) with oral-nasal cup, which takes away the fogging up problem.
PeterJames Foote
PeterJames Foote - 7 dager siden
Hi. That was interesting.
Years ago I worked at McCormick place during trade shows and a company was selling for about $5 ($10 today?) small bars of I think glycerin that were meant to be rubbed on the inside of your glasses to keep them from fogging up and they worked pretty darn well when this was a problem, usually in winter.
So if you can find some type of solid or liquid glycerin or soap bar on the inside of your mask to see if that solves the fogging problem.
As always, enjoy your process and personality. Keep it up!
Jo Da
Jo Da - 7 dager siden
wouldnt even need something like this if it wasn't for Charlie Chan China messing everything up. bet that mask is made in china
M Wing
M Wing - 7 dager siden
I noticed that it was not fogging up. That looks very cool man. Was that the 180 dollar one? :O) The only improvement I can see is a piece added into the inside to keep it positioned on your head. Ooops. spoke to soon on the fog.
James Irvein
James Irvein - 7 dager siden
Doesn't NASA use dawn dish soap coating the inside of the faceplate as an anti-fogger?
Don Strickland
Don Strickland - 7 dager siden
It looks soooo cool I was really rooting it on, and sad when it didn't measure up. Mr Savage please Disassemble to investigate the cause of the inadequacies, and effect repairs to cause the product to meet your standard of excellence.
Thank You
Every Fan
Buster Bot
Buster Bot - 7 dager siden
Adam you can use some anti fog spray like what you use for a paintball helmet.
metalgear609 - 8 dager siden
wait adam the motorcycle helmet industry fixed the fog problem like a million years ago and there is like a million tips to prevent helmets from fogging up on the internet
Mike Dixon
Mike Dixon - 8 dager siden
For 300 bucks though I’ll stick with my doomsayer helmet lol
Marc Pabel
Marc Pabel - 8 dager siden
First of aal that was exactly the product that I imagined and an more advanced version of it shouled be a must to wear in thee future for evry situation that does not include Sport to prevent more deadly viruses 🦠 from coping out menkind in no time. Secondly here is how you solve thee issues and fogging of the helmet. You couled eyther use speakers 🔊 for hearing thee environment and speaking to people which couled actually improve your hearing as well and solve thee problem of ventilation space. Add LED-& as well for visibility. It’s to dark. You might get hit by a car or something and most important wear a tactical helmet underneath to one prevent demanding your head by any way plus two making it fit better. Adam your thee most savage person one can be to wear a suit like thees on a dayliy basis eaven so it changes a 6 to five day into a be outside for 6h and then rest for five hours day scycle. Might verry well be the future if people are less stupid soon enough...
Deplorable Pirate Captain Gunbeard
Reading the instructions is like cheating. AVE
DJ Metcalf
DJ Metcalf - 8 dager siden
I really hope he didn’t just dox himself.
GabeTheT - 8 dager siden
Has quite some lost in space vibe.
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg - 8 dager siden
Is this more for painting and not really for public use? Also get some anti fog spray by Rain-Ex.
Rundar TheFirst
Rundar TheFirst - 8 dager siden
Honestly, if you wanna mod it and feel confident in doing so, there are certainly ways to upgrade that. You can increase the power, maybe create a system similar to a mini CPU cooling system almost with modded fans and everything. With a 3D printer creating all of that on a smaller scale would be a cinch.... I must try this now
Jason Bratley
Jason Bratley - 8 dager siden
How about using the motorcycle helmet way of preventing fog? A separate second layer of plastic material over the visor with an air gap to prevent fogging,
Wilfredo Diaz
Wilfredo Diaz - 8 dager siden
Yeah cool idea but if it fogs up so quickly it's really useless.
Jason Myneni
Jason Myneni - 9 dager siden
If this were a real PAPR and n95 rated, I would buy it. As it stands, it’s kind of useless
Hall Logic
Hall Logic - 7 dager siden
Odyseja2011 - 9 dager siden
Hydrophobic glass is a thing yet I never see it implemented in stuff that actually needs it like glasses or this thing here.
Cpt Rockstar
Cpt Rockstar - 9 dager siden
I wear my Black Series Boba Fett helmet when I go anywhere now because......This is the way.
onelandii - 9 dager siden
Adam, enjoyed your review, but I DONT AGREE! I've had one since Christmas.. I love it! I am vulnerable to Covid and someone in my bubble is even more. I wear this with no Worries, especially since we are all exposed to people who do not take protective measures. It's also important to me that it protects eyes. The virus is airborne, everyone forgets that if it contacts your eyes, then it can be introduced to the he mucous membrane of your eye socket. About the fogging... Yes I have found when it's really cold out side it will fit some. Above about 55 degrees.. very little or no fogging. Also have found if you pause breathing it clears up immediately. I am surprised, being a science person you did not review it's effectiveness. I believe it filters to 99% at the size of virus exposure. I actually enjoy being separated in a crowd of people with no worries. I am a carpenter with lung scarring ( also pre diabetic, and have low grade prorate cancer). I have wanted to make a prototype of such a helmet , way before Covid. And even add a ( 18v driil type) rechargable battery pack and one of those dc cooler type ac system for hot environments. Also I don't understand the stigma/ reaction that it is ridiculous. You wouldn't point and laugh at someone in a wheelchair.. and say that's ridiculous that guy can't walk so he's in a chair with wheels! If I want to wear a space helmet even without Covid around.. what's it to you? Why do we have such a problem with freedom? Actually kind of disappointed in your review , and after seeing all the vitriol online against this product , disappointed in Americans.
onelandii - 9 dager siden
Also I added a personal dc p.a. with a headpiece microphone, and wear bluetooth earbuds with a listening phone app. Even though this is not necessary , it adds to the Darth Vader effect!
Conservative BLM
Conservative BLM - 9 dager siden
Funny. Cdc doesn't rate hepa filters as virus rated. Looked up home filter ratings
dio brando
dio brando - 10 dager siden
Maybe inside wipers can be built in
GordieGii - 10 dager siden
I have a couple ideas about preventing fogging up. One is double glass. The other is having the air coming in go through a slot that is parallel to the glass so that it creates a laminar flow along the surface of the glass. Probably from the top down would be better. This should help reduce the amount of breath directly hitting the glass, or at least push it down away from the eyes, and help any condensation evaporate faster. (or sublime away if you live in Canada, like I do)
zetril88 - 10 dager siden
What do you do if you have to sneeze?
Olivia Anne Johnson
Olivia Anne Johnson - 10 dager siden
Hehehehehehe you are so funny 😂 good job
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 10 dager siden
Yes, but the big question is did anyone even bat an eye at you while you were walking home wearing it?
JustAFan - 10 dager siden
That's awesome!!! It looks straight out of Alita: Battle Angel.
allenay Quest
allenay Quest - 10 dager siden
WOW! Getting it to fog up at night, makes you a perfects "Mugging" target! However, committing robbery with this as a disguise and getting all fogged up while running from the police should be an easy catch after turning a corner into a "STOP" sign post!
joe bo boa
joe bo boa - 10 dager siden
swiss army knife👀
Jake Rice
Jake Rice - 11 dager siden
Next level Mass Effect cosplay.
Banjo Billy
Banjo Billy - 11 dager siden
As someone who has to wear mask consistently for sometimes several hours while at work, I actually considered getting one before I finished the video. It looks like it creates more problems than it solves, especially given its $300 price tag
Michele Carter
Michele Carter - 11 dager siden
Thank you. I was wondering about this product.
Ragkaja - 11 dager siden
The fogging up is a problem, as is the fit, but couldn't you consider a silicon lining inside the glass to get the moisture to run off, or divert airflow? It is a covid mask rather than a gas mask, so if you essentially added a chimney, you could divert hot airflow out vertically (either from rising heat or a pressure release valve) which would both reduce risk of transmission and reception. As for the fit, either something like a football helmet, cowboy collar, or HANS setup? I think this product is a good start but maybe tries to be too ambitious in creating a sealed environment.
Co jest grane
Co jest grane - 11 dager siden
xd nasa haha
RAGNAR - 12 dager siden
Maybe you should just wear triple ritualistic shame muzzles... humans on an alien planet.
Ali Abdul
Ali Abdul - 12 dager siden
I love how brilliant Adam is as an engineer regular man clean the table he grabs soap and water engineer man clean the table he picks up the table and flips it upside down. How beautifully beneficial it is that genius simplicity and idiocy are so close.
Ali Abdul
Ali Abdul - 12 dager siden
Adam thank you for your contributions to science friend.
Hunter Ash
Hunter Ash - 12 dager siden
Adam, I love that I found your YouTube channel I really miss watching Mythbusters. Anyways this helmet is really cool, I know you didn’t design this helmet but in the video you mentioned that you have designed helmets in the past and that fogging up has always been a constant issue that is difficult to over come. This idea popped into my head and I’ll do my best to explain. So if you ever make any adjustments or upgrades to you helmet let me know if it works. But anyways, what if you did something similar to how/what hover crafts use to float off the ground? Not only would it provide air to perhaps defog the face shield, but it would/could create a seal around the persons neck. That seal could also create more cushion as well as preventing air/molecules from enter the helmet from below. Anyways always enjoy the videos Adam!
Brandon Maclean
Brandon Maclean - 12 dager siden
"obviously I can see really well..."
Adam runs his chair into the desk...
Zoltan Hoppar
Zoltan Hoppar - 12 dager siden
Congrats to purchased the first piece of your personal HAZMAT suite...
wombatau - 12 dager siden
Best part: massive swiss army knife in background. Good acquisition.
Justin Sander
Justin Sander - 12 dager siden
I have been curious if something using life straws would work. It stands to reason they would filter air as well as they do liquid but with a less restricted flow.
Hans Pebble
Hans Pebble - 12 dager siden
This is like over 1000 dollars right? just to look like a complete idiot.
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
Oh, cool, you got one, too. I just knew you would get this helmet, given your passion for such accoutrements. No, it doesn't have a mic. You'll have to DIY that. I used one of those tour guide personal voice amplifiers that I clip to my belt and an adjustable boom mic. And, of course, you immediately called out the fitment issue like everyone who has ever donned one. I solved that by clipping the excess hood material to the base of the neckline with a medium-sized bulldog clip for relatively quick application. I'm sure a purpose-built vertical drawstring would be more effective.I also reduced the fogging inside with a few squirts of Rain-X Anti-Fog spray. My next project is to attach audio exciters to the sides in order to pass ambient sound from a binaural (or mid/side with stereo decoder?) mic, preferably far enough away from the fans at the bottom to avoid that noise and from the exciters so I don't induce echo/feedback. Thanks to Tech Ingredients on YouTube, I learned that Adafruit makes a handy 20W class D audio amplifier board that's perfect to drive two Dayton Audio exciters with the same 12V power supply the fans use. I may or may not tap into that supply, but I'm concerned that the additional current draw may burn out those fan headers, so I may just power it from its own LiPo pouch cell. The amplifier board also includes a standard stereo mini jack that can accept a small Bluetooth bi-directional transceiver such as the Hagibis X2-PRO-RTS.
Rhys Morgan
Rhys Morgan - 12 dager siden
Thats one LED light away from being a prop from Alien: Covenant.
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
Why one when you can have an entire ring of Adafruit Neopixels and look fabulous? 😂
nate kennison
nate kennison - 13 dager siden
it totally looks like you could project an image of your face onto the dome and either create a HUD, or project outwards and have a secret identity.
hotdrippyglass - 13 dager siden
Two thoughts on fogging: Jamie will know what the divers do for fogging in scuba masks, and / or some directional baffles inside over the input filters to direct the flow forward to wash over the face plate should reduce the fogging. This exactly what I have looking for. Thanks.
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
Yeah, that's exactly what 3M's full face respirators do. But part of the appeal of this mask is full visibility of the face. A better solution would either be increased airflow or the use of desiccant within the dome to absorb excess moisture.
Nemean Lion
Nemean Lion - 13 dager siden
Adam looking kind of sus.
kenny k
kenny k - 13 dager siden
The swiss army knife in the background. where can i get one like that i just have to have one in my life .
Kubis Gaming
Kubis Gaming - 13 dager siden
is that mini decepticon swissknife at the back?
olsonspeed - 13 dager siden
The new normal or fashion statement?
David Lewis
David Lewis - 13 dager siden
Wondering whats with the trombone in the background
TheChad138 - 13 dager siden
This better not become a thing!
Tim Keller
Tim Keller - 13 dager siden
What type of resin printer is that in the background?
SOON - 14 dager siden
adams starting to look like the colonel sanders
SolSammo - 14 dager siden
Good luck wearing that during hotter weather! I'll just stick to the mask.
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
Hot weather is fine. I live in the California Central Valley so it can get quite toasty. The fans do a good job keeping you cool in there. One unintended side-effect of the acrylic dome, however, is that it tends to lens sunlight a bit more intensely on your face than without it, so the sensation of heat is noticeable, but not overly so.
Neil Efird
Neil Efird - 14 dager siden
Tint the glass silver and tah da, you`re Cobra Commander
Har Loy
Har Loy - 14 dager siden
Build idea, 16th century Plague Doctor Mask? Or too cliche?
Onnie Koski
Onnie Koski - 14 dager siden
Too expensive. Way too expensive. And that fogging up... nope. And I can’t imagine having to wear this is summer
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
It actually fogs less in warmer air. That's just physics. But yeah, at 300 Benjies, its definitely not an impulse buy. I was fortunate to grab one when it was still at the early-bird $200 price point. Even with all its shortcomings, there's still not a consumer device like it that ticks all my requirements. I'm sure Hall Labs' V2 will be much better, if they choose to pursue further product development. I've already voiced a lot of my concerns to their staff.
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander - 14 dager siden
I recently bought some 3M goggles from home Depot they are totally enclosed ,, and they never fog up ,,, missed builds up from the inside of the glass and they're soaking wet after wearing them for several hours but they don't fog up.
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
The FF-400 series? Yeah, I've got one of those, too. The issue for me is that they don't filter the exhaust port by default. I could probably modify mine by stuffing some cotton batting between the valve and the guard plate, but that mouthpiece does get damp and it blocks people from being able to read your mouth movements. Maybe if they had a transparent mouthpiece, I'd wear it more often. I do like how it doesn't require power, has superior filtration (including organic vapors), and doesn't cover the ears.
Clint Byrne
Clint Byrne - 14 dager siden
Wow that really made me change my mind on this.
Were the fans at full.power I've seen people do this without fog but yours is really 😯
My main concern was the light bending and vision being distorted but the fog makes this even worse.
Makes me sad but I also am happy I did not order one!
Mike Trieu
Mike Trieu - 12 dager siden
There is a slight optical warping, but its barely noticeable. Fogging is definitely an issue in colder environments. I'd counteract that with some silica gel descicant packets inside the dome and some anti-fog spray on the dome interior to coalesce and flatten the micro droplets.
Present Games
Present Games - 14 dager siden
Add a semi-circle wiper to the inside.
CyanicTempest - 14 dager siden
The idea is nice... but its big and ugly and the fact its all black would make it uncomfortable in a 39°C day like today.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 14 dager siden
Okay this is getting ridiculous
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia - 14 dager siden
This could work at hospitals, how easy is to clean it??
Boky LIFE - 14 dager siden
I have purchased one from this store ; , they are legit 👌🏽 ⭐️.
Boky LIFE - 14 dager siden
I have purchased one from this store ; , they are legit 👌🏽 ⭐️.
Marvin H
Marvin H - 14 dager siden
If you add a microphone and speaker, you may as well design a costume to go with it. Great Cosplay.
BabyMakR - 14 dager siden
Rub a dry bar of soap on the inside. Will stop the fogging. Or at least delay it.