Adam Savage's One Day Builds: The Crown from Hamilton!

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One of the ways Adam has been getting through lockdown has been binging television shows, including Netflix's The Crown. And in the midst of his obsession with the show, Adam builds his own replica of the most important piece of The Crown Jewels: St Edward's Crown used for the coronation of British Monarch. Adam's replica is based on the stage prop made for the Hamilton musical, and will be the centerpiece for his King George costume!
Materials for making the Crown:
Long Leopard Coat
Stretch Velvet
Dalmation Stole
Mirror Tape
Gold Crystal Rhinestones
Ruby Rhinestones
Gold Car Trim
Multi-color Rhinestones
Multi-color Jumbo Rhinestones
Gold Beads
Silver Chain
4" Gold Fleur
Multi-color Gems
Gold Christmas Ornaments
Nickel Fleur
Shot by Adam Savage and Edited by Joey Fameli
Watch Adam's visit to the backstage of Hamilton:
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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Runtime: 1:12:07


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 21 dag siden
Watch Adam's visit to the backstage of Hamilton:

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ZackWinterVlogs - 13 dager siden
FUN FACTS !! If you didn't know why the velvet is purple in the middle is because The color purple was the hardest color to make way back then! FUN FACTS
WarpFactor999 - 17 dager siden
Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, why don't you get trifocal glasses? I've used them for 30 years. They stop the peek over and remove to see actions. And yes, even in strong Rx's.
G L - 21 dag siden
heya adam, is that an american giant hoodie?
Arie Visker
Arie Visker - 21 dag siden
Here is a video of hampton court, they show how they make a replica crown of Henry VIII. It shows the old ways of making the crown and the placing of the decorations. You can find it with: making the Henry VIII crown.
Lethgar Smith
Lethgar Smith - 21 dag siden
You should give it to Donald Trump. Guaranteed he'll wear it and not get the joke.
Xervas TCC
Xervas TCC - 3 timer siden
So damn awesome - as always! Can't describe how much your videos helping me not to lose my mind during the whole covid thing. I havent left my house since march 2020 because I'm high-risk-person..... nevermind! Love your videos and you
Sean Fitzsimons
Sean Fitzsimons - 3 timer siden
Is it from The Crown or Hamilton??
Nitrotetrazole - Dag siden
Adam's lessons about crimes and hiding them has been so useful to me in my endeavors. it sounds simple but it bears to be repeated
Jay Rawson
Jay Rawson - Dag siden
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
Teddy’s Workshop
Teddy’s Workshop - 4 dager siden
4:45 Adam’s hair giving off mad scientist vibes 🤣🤣🤣
Lukas Speckhardt
Lukas Speckhardt - 5 dager siden
*laughs with kingly hysteria*
ruolbu - 5 dager siden
The bit of dotted scarf at the front of the crown has two black dots *precisely* where the upper corners of your glasses are. If you wear the crown the right way it entirely blends together with your glasses and you look like you have the most spectacular eyebrows. 1:09:48 is one such moment. ;)
steeveejee - 6 dager siden
effin' awesome work man 👍
Melissa Rice
Melissa Rice - 6 dager siden
Has Adam done a tool tip for favorite hot glue guns, hgg glues and applications? There were a few tidbits here but something comprehensive would be great.
Sir. Catsalot
Sir. Catsalot - 6 dager siden
"Megan thee stallion here"
Sir. Catsalot
Sir. Catsalot - 6 dager siden
I love that he uses a tablesaw to create multiple paper strips
SuperOrangeMan 23
SuperOrangeMan 23 - 7 dager siden
Adam: *Pulls out big gas canister thingy*
Us: Adam...
Adam: *Makes it spark*
Us: ADAM...
Devin Whittaker
Devin Whittaker - 7 dager siden
Is there a reason you don't run CC on your videos?
ash piper
ash piper - 7 dager siden
I love watching Adam work, his as untidy as I am when I work on any thing, can see why Jamie use to get grumpy with you lol. Love the videos
TJ Jones
TJ Jones - 8 dager siden
13:15 There was a disturbance in the Matrix.
MxBass - 8 dager siden
35:06 me waiting outside for aliens to abduct me
Matthew Gresham
Matthew Gresham - 8 dager siden
1:07:30 heh. Ahead
Matthew Gresham
Matthew Gresham - 8 dager siden
Seeing all that crunchy dirty brass made the inner Freddy Krueger glove nerd in me squeal. It would be awesome to see Adam make his own glove
Queen Carter
Queen Carter - 8 dager siden
He laughs exactly like my uncle. So authentic and hearty. Absolutely beautiful crown!! I love it, amazing job.
Bill D'Berger
Bill D'Berger - 8 dager siden
The US is a constitutional republic not a democracy why is everyone so united is pushing this message like something straight out of a Ministry of Truth torture chamber NO war does not equal peace, and it never will. Furthermore it's not bizzaro at all seeing how nobody seems to want to talk about the time in 1971 when the weatherman underground a radical LEFTIST group BOMBED the very same capitol along with the pentagon and numerous police stations, you remember when Bill Clinton pardoned the leader of that group Bill Ayers don't you. So please spare me the pearl clutching when you clearly don't care one wit about the time bombs were set off in those 'sacred' buildings or when the very bombers duly convicted by judicial process were allowed to walk free.
NU Kwok
NU Kwok - 9 dager siden
The way Adam starts his drill while putting the drill bit in terrifies me everytime
Humble Tom
Humble Tom - 9 dager siden
I just wanted to see Adam wearing the crown...
Maxwell Belmont
Maxwell Belmont - 10 dager siden
He got so fired up about handing theater props to tiny people
Rick Elleman
Rick Elleman - 10 dager siden
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown..." doesn't JUST refer to the weight of responsibility carried by a Royal head.
Tay Katoo
Tay Katoo - 10 dager siden
36:17 Is that marker on the back of his head?
FlyingFish - 10 dager siden
13:15 is he real?
F.catfracasso fracasso
F.catfracasso fracasso - 10 dager siden
Adam love your shows.
America is not a democracy America is a republic to Wich it stands one nation under God for liberty and justice for All.
Nickolai - 11 dager siden
It's so sad to me, that you support a monopoly, and even promote it like that.
TheeGrumpy - 12 dager siden
Does it matter that George III never wore the St. Edward's Crown?
Dylan Swartzfager
Dylan Swartzfager - 12 dager siden
I guess when they say "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" they mean it both figuratively and literally.
Hommn 192
Hommn 192 - 12 dager siden
he said "lets not get ahead of ourselves" because he already had a head of himself to model with
SaltiestRaccoon - 12 dager siden
Every theater prop-master is nodding and saying amen? Give us escape room guys some credit! Our props have to go through more abuse than anybody's! Theater and film guys, feel free to speak up when some 280-pound ex-marine starts ripping picture frames off the wall, drywall anchors and all.
Julia Hall
Julia Hall - 12 dager siden
Watching Adam literally jump up and down in joy before making something is just so pure and wonderful.
Epi Karhu
Epi Karhu - 12 dager siden
1:07:50 "Put it in a little box!" The guy who decides packaging by Jimmy Reese :D
Eric Edwards
Eric Edwards - 13 dager siden
Billie Eilish: You should see me in a crown.
Adam: Hey now, there's an idea!
Gideon Torode
Gideon Torode - 14 dager siden
Matrat57 OG
Matrat57 OG - 14 dager siden
I can only imagin you sitting in your livingroom watching the news with your crown on thinking "...Maybe I'm the chosen one"
Morgan Sinclair
Morgan Sinclair - 14 dager siden
The real reason Adam is making this crown is for a coup to declare himself the true heir of Emperor Norton the 1st, Emperor of the United States of America and Protector of Mexico.
Tinkersmith - 14 dager siden
"We're gonna use it in our royal thing" I probably woke my neighbours laughing 🤣
Skyart - 14 dager siden
Seeing that purple and green together reminded me of Barney haha.
Joe R
Joe R - 14 dager siden
There is an interview with the Queen where she talks about how heavy the actual Crown is and she mentions how she avoids wearing it because of how heavy it is.
Janus Oo
Janus Oo - 15 dager siden
"Lest's not get a head of ourself..."
aGamingMonkey - 15 dager siden
That crown was built in 1661. Way before the industrial revolution and even further before the idea of standardized parts. It is probably very jank in its construction as are a lot of things from that time period.
Damer_Flinn - 15 dager siden
".. take a coat hanger wire .."
Unfortunately, those days are nearly over. It's difficult to find hangers that aren't plastic now.
Sally Liu
Sally Liu - 15 dager siden
Adam Savage and Hank Green, same energy.
Nicholas Marcella
Nicholas Marcella - 15 dager siden
1:07:26 "let's not get ahead of ourselves" he said, while holding a head of himself...
Rob Meyer
Rob Meyer - 15 dager siden
What is the black & blue thing on the floor behind you?
Christopher Junkins
Christopher Junkins - 15 dager siden
Did the matrix just glitch, or did we move through timelines? >.>
Ron Rainey
Ron Rainey - 15 dager siden
Not sure why Adam didn't bend 1 "arm" to be the right height and curve before attaching it. And then use it as a template for the other 3 so they are all the same, instead of attaching all and trying to bend all 4 by eye.
junkjouster - 15 dager siden
Have you ever given any thought to the fact that that face on your head mold is the exact face you will be making in your coffin? I dont know why i thought of that! maybe I was thinking about my best friend that died and how his face looked like he was just tired like how you look when you wake up from a nap. So just a strange fact i guess you have a face mold of what your face will look like when you die!
Ian Bright
Ian Bright - 15 dager siden
So is this your crowning achievement Adam?
BabyMakR - 15 dager siden
Could you imagine being a kid at school and you come home to say that you're in the school play and your dad is Adam Savage?
Pogostix - 16 dager siden
Faith that a project will look good in the end, even when it's going through the early ugly stages, is something that I still struggle with. I can completely relate to the glee when things start looking like they should. (Imagine the stress the poor medieval craftsperson must've been under though, doing this in gold with no power tools...)
Reed Bowman
Reed Bowman - 16 dager siden
33:35 Now THAT's a proper 6-year-old 1955 sci-fi Halloween costume.
86fifty - 16 dager siden
I really like the editor's choice of putting Adam's occasional words over the time-lapse footage. I can get a little exhausted by the time-lapse-music, it gets pretty repetitive when used for too long. I like the time-lapse segments to BE long, it's just that the instrumental JinglePunks music doesn't always hold up after 30 solid seconds just by itself. So the talking-bits put over top is EXCELLENT!
O.K. Productions
O.K. Productions - 16 dager siden
That is a crown
mark Schippel
mark Schippel - 16 dager siden
To paraphrase Terry Pratchett: Taint what a crown looks like, It's what a crown be.
Adam Kerr
Adam Kerr - 16 dager siden
Seeing how absolutely all over the place Adam is, gives me hope for myself LOL
Simon Honey
Simon Honey - 16 dager siden
Somehow Adam with welding goggles on his head eyeballing sheet metal into a crown shape is a crazier image than other builds.. like it's a really on the fly forgery attempt.
Martin Zarate
Martin Zarate - 16 dager siden
So much hands on rough metal edges forcing and pushing things edge-on - each of his fingers must be one giant callus.
Yersifanel - 16 dager siden
"I wanna use the sparkly ones." Same, every time I craft.
Cybor Angel
Cybor Angel - 16 dager siden
Have you ever check your DNA!!!!!!!
Shiann Mills
Shiann Mills - 16 dager siden
I just love watching Adams mind at work. Absolutely fascinating and incredible
ThePhillipthe2 - 16 dager siden
Ah, so I'm not the only person on the planet that has a pail full of desiccant packs. Oh, and the faux dalmation stole Cruella de Ville cosplay / halloween pics in the amazon ratings....PRICELESS.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith - 16 dager siden
Jesus that’s MASSIVE !! 😂👍
DC Allan
DC Allan - 16 dager siden
so next time someone sees Adam with a green band on his forehead, they will know he wore the crown to bed last night. 🤣👍👍
Jared Armatis
Jared Armatis - 16 dager siden
I feel the theatre prop pain for sure. I once had an actor come back to me and say a door hinge broke. Turns out they had somehow sheared the pin inside the hinge. I still have no idea how they did it.
Last Born
Last Born - 16 dager siden
Heavy is the box that displays the crown??? Or must advanced intelligence be present to give it weight??!
LEAD BELLY - 16 dager siden
Those jewels could be pimped up with sparkling or pearlescent etc nail polish?
Lakota Thierauf
Lakota Thierauf - 16 dager siden
I’d love some up close pictures of this build. I absolutely love it.
Lakota Thierauf
Lakota Thierauf - 16 dager siden
This is the greatest thing he’s ever made in my opinion. I love the British royal family and they jewelry that goes along with them. I can’t wait for him to make the “sturdier” version. His words not mine.
Lakota Thierauf
Lakota Thierauf - 16 dager siden
So I’m at 1:07:46, has there been another crown in the background the whole time. (Context: on the table over his right shoulder on the left hand side of the screen)
LEAD BELLY - 16 dager siden
Felix colgrave’s “double king”brilliant animation comes to mind.
arieldahl - 16 dager siden
Adam was busy building this on January 6th....
Absolutely mind blown...
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson - 16 dager siden
35:06 Adam protects himself from Alien Transmissions
Patrick McMorris
Patrick McMorris - 16 dager siden
1 hour build - heavy head base.
Myunghun Ryoo
Myunghun Ryoo - 16 dager siden
Making a Grand Crown at the time of Crown (COVID-19)!
I Love it!
Paradox G
Paradox G - 17 dager siden
50% of Adam's videos are just him running around the shop....
Brad Knowles
Brad Knowles - 17 dager siden
@31:10 Straightening metal — the old blacksmiths trick, taught to me by masters in the Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac, when there wasn’t anything else to do, was to have the apprentices square off all the old round stock, and round off all the square stock. They would learn how to square and round off and otherwise work the metal, and you could see how good they were at doing it.
Noble Dragon Studios
Noble Dragon Studios - 17 dager siden
12:29 "Here look at the cross-section"
*Holds it too high above the camera so its out of frame*
ohhhh Adam xD
Brad Knowles
Brad Knowles - 17 dager siden
@22:45 Today I Learned: Adam has a proper blacksmiths anvil! With the Pritchel hole and Hardy hole both still in good shape, a cut-off shoulder that looks good, and the Farriers horn still pretty clean. And he’s using the Farriers horn for shaping metal in what appears to be the correct way!
Brad Knowles
Brad Knowles - 17 dager siden
@15:30 Adam finally decides to break out the Oxy-Acetaline gear.... 👍
Mike Julien
Mike Julien - 17 dager siden
Would the plural of “fleur de lis” not be “fleurs de lis” (still pronounced the same, at least in French...), kind of like governors general?
headrushindi - 17 dager siden
Watching This is akin to observing a Neurotic Squirrel with a trend toward OCD, who also happens to be a remarkably talented artist and builder. Once you begin to watch , you are mesmerized and cant stop looking .Awesome crown.
Sal Altschul
Sal Altschul - 17 dager siden
As he's doing the bending for the top curved pieces it's making me think of what the Crown would look like post nuclear blast.
Leonidas Noble
Leonidas Noble - 17 dager siden
ADAM! Why didn't you sing, "You'll Be Back"?
Sean Vedell
Sean Vedell - 17 dager siden
If you try and bring back Bedazzled jeans I’m cancelling my membership. Just sayin’. 😘
Vale Craftworks
Vale Craftworks - 17 dager siden
I have to say this Adam and everyone! I'm always inspired to continue my builds and creating because of the energy and creativity on this channel. Now in specific, Adam, you have given me the idea to build my own crown because, as you said, everyone should have one!
Sean Vedell
Sean Vedell - 17 dager siden
My wife just asked in genuine horror “Did he just open that bag of jewels with his fabric scissors?!?!?!” 1:00:01 in. Did he?!?!
Eddie roy
Eddie roy - 17 dager siden
For some reason I think Winston needs a small version of the crown
Alex S
Alex S - 17 dager siden Adam hit the plane off camera! 8)
MonkeyShaman - 17 dager siden
This title confused me.
gravityisweak - 17 dager siden
I notice Simone is not listed under the members of Tested anymore. Is she no longer with the Tested team?
WarpFactor999 - 17 dager siden
Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, why don't you get trifocal glasses? I've used them for 30 years. They stop the peek over and remove to see actions. And yes, even in strong Rx's.
K. Brooks
K. Brooks - 17 dager siden
Love your honest sir..."I know I'm telling you what I'm doing, because I really don't know what I'm doing.." Love this!!! The true artist on camera.
AFluffyWhiteKitty - 17 dager siden
I'll be pretty upset if this doesn't translate to a surprise queen Elizabeth cozplay
Mika Kilian
Mika Kilian - 17 dager siden
I like that adam called kids tiny people
randomthyme - 18 dager siden
lovely build! finally a crown worthy of a prop and build king such as yourself