Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Studio Ghibli Diorama!

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Adam's latest build taps into his love for Studio Ghibli films, a bit of modelmaking, and in-camera practical effects as he constructs a stunning display inspired by one of his favorite Miyazaki films. It's a slow burn of a build as Adam gradually reveals his sketched out plans; the result is a mesmerizing combination of light and movement that is beautiful to behold!
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind model kit:
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Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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Runtime: 1:02:52


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 12 dager siden
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind model kit:
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Khalil Soren
Khalil Soren - 5 dager siden
@Adan Angel Cool! It took like 15 mins but it worked!!
Adan Angel
Adan Angel - 6 dager siden
dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Just google for it ;)
Michael Berthelsen
Michael Berthelsen - 8 dager siden
Adam, I NEED you to see Steamboy.😉❤ Also has Sir Patrick in the English dub, as well as Alfred Molina and Anna Pacquin.😁 Oh, and it's made by Osamu, of Akira fame.❤
David Jacobs
David Jacobs - 10 dager siden
search for the model number "m-02j" on youtube, since most of the videos have Japanese title. This seem to be the latest video.
David Jacobs
David Jacobs - 10 dager siden
There was a Japanese guy who actually built a flying version of Möwe few years ago, and actually flew on one, but not standing up. there are dozen more vidoes of him flying around on Möwe.
Michael Kozoroz
Michael Kozoroz - Dag siden
SAVAGE! I met the guy who made the real Nausica jet plane! If you have not talked to him yet, you gotta check him out. Maybe talk to him! I met him at the Airshow in Chicago about two years ago. I ask him if he meet Miyazaki and he said "yes and he told me don't die." lol! Here is a video...
Love this display! These Nausicaa figures are rare and expensive now here in Japan. Came across one a couple months ago and nearly picked it up until I saw the price. Now you need a Giant God Warrior to display with her Adam!
FireFacts - 2 dager siden
0:26...Whoever uploaded this video ruined the surprise ... Great work though Adam.... I want one....
Hayley Reid
Hayley Reid - 3 dager siden
Yes!!! Nausicaä!! So underrated - it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the movie.
Tobias Bischoff
Tobias Bischoff - 3 dager siden
This is just another example that assures me meeting you would be like meeting an old friend that you have so much in common with
greenatom - 3 dager siden
The explanation about why metal breaks when you bend it back and forth: I don't think so.
Edvin Johnson
Edvin Johnson - 3 dager siden
I always feel so sorry for you when I hear you using your imperial measurements.

Ever since Napier improved on Stevin's decimal notation, we have had a much better way of doing math that did away with fractions and made everything much more logical and easier. (The metric system.)
So if I want to add 1 mm (millimeter) to say 12 mm it would be 13 mm. That is easy and logical, but if you want to do the same with your imperial units, it would go from 15/32" to 33/64" which is just a ridiculous way of measuring.
Edad Pops
Edad Pops - 3 dager siden
Adam what was the name of the channel you mentioned.john .... woods Guitars. Didnt catch it ???
Edad Pops
Edad Pops - 3 dager siden
The lost sky scrolls✌️
Pluo yaldnil
Pluo yaldnil - 3 dager siden
just a suggestion... electric motors are noisey .. put some rubber maybe 1/4 thick between it and the wood that should help . this is why good record players { like bang and olfson} mount the motor seperately then run a belt drive to the turntable
Janica Aclao Janssen
Janica Aclao Janssen - 3 dager siden
As soon as I saw him half wrapping the poster over the pipe, I knew he was making a similar thing to those fake fish tanks for kids with the moving bg. Dope!
floriel1 - 3 dager siden
Is it just me or are the clouds moving against the wind?
Lawmansama - 4 dager siden
i remember watching Nausica when i was really young. It freaked me out and intrigued me all at the same time. Later when i was older i found the complete manga and got freaked out and intrigued all over again lol.
/SMASHED LEGENDS - 4 dager siden
This video has more than 60 ads! It´s ridiculous.
deepcore123 - 4 dager siden
Did you consider using a flat screen TV to serve as the background?
Then you could load day sky, night sky, day into night sky. And (with properly set up video files) use the TV’s speakers to have sound as well. No motor noise too.
Monika Murillo
Monika Murillo - 4 dager siden
"I need two"
Chai Yang
Chai Yang - 4 dager siden
Lol he had the motor running the entire time he built the figure. I'd be SOOOOOO annoyed
AJ Makes
AJ Makes - 4 dager siden
“i’m not gonna tell you about this build”
the title and the thumbnail: welp
Chris G
Chris G - 5 dager siden
why not use Magicians thread
joginator - 5 dager siden
nice idea!
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith - 5 dager siden
well, when the finished display was revealed and I saw her flying through the sky, my eyes filled with tears as the feelings from reading the 7 volume manga I read at least 12 years ago come flooding back.
Sarah - 5 dager siden
"Isn't that peaceful?" he shouts over the noise of the motor.
In seriousness, this is magnificent, Adam!
Tree Power
Tree Power - 6 dager siden
That guy
That guy - 6 dager siden
Great now you have given me the bug...I won't reast until I build my own studio ghibli diorama.
예쁜 쓰레기 만들기 - DIY Pretty trash
Wow! That's totally awesome! I love it.
Rachel West
Rachel West - 6 dager siden
The one thing that came into my mind on the finished item was "Flash Gordon alive?"
Rory O Connor
Rory O Connor - 6 dager siden
would be cool to have acetate clouds in parallax/opposite direct or even foreground ?!
Joshua Duane
Joshua Duane - 6 dager siden
Dear Whoever has been editing the audio during the fast-forward segments,
I see what you are doing. Great job!
Rory O Connor
Rory O Connor - 6 dager siden
I love the way metal fatigue fractures are so identifiable too! Very satisfying!
Stuart McGregor
Stuart McGregor - 6 dager siden
Would love to see the same thing with the Bandi perfect grade millennium falcon?
Garrett Mentel
Garrett Mentel - 6 dager siden
Adam Savage , I never see you use circular saws. Is there a reason?
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 6 dager siden
Anyone know what the item in the top left is please the grey thingy 35:57
Jeremiah Sells
Jeremiah Sells - 6 dager siden
Fishing line?
plastickhero - 6 dager siden
I was hoping for Porco Rosso.
FireProof Fox
FireProof Fox - 6 dager siden
I want to believe the motor is the sound of the planes
RingRingBananaPwn - 6 dager siden
@45:42 - We need a "One Day Build After Dark" where it's just a one day build but Adam can wild out.
Hin Håle
Hin Håle - 6 dager siden
I LOVE watching Adam stomping around, talking to himself and the inanimate objects in funny accents - like an absolute maniac! Though I wasn't totally clear what he was planning to do with the waap waap.
Cal Math
Cal Math - 6 dager siden
I hope the title and thumbnail didn't spoil it, but I see why it is. Great idea anyway. Love watching it!
Noir625 - 7 dager siden
Love 💘 it
Jonathan Fisher
Jonathan Fisher - 7 dager siden
I can't find the song that start at 50:08. I like it....Adam can you tell me the name of the song please
Tommy - 7 dager siden
Are you going to paint and detail the box to make it look good ?
Jazzmannycosplay - 7 dager siden
You know! I was thinking if you had that same image of clouds projected on a mini pico Projector to make it show the clouds cover around the character with also some fog machine in the bottom half of the box, to show some atmosphere with the lights bright showing the sun coming through the clouds. That be so awesome!
Oliver Murray
Oliver Murray - 7 dager siden
How does working in fractions not drive people insane?
Genma Saotome
Genma Saotome - 7 dager siden
Sometimes magic sounds like "test tape"
Riley R
Riley R - 7 dager siden
I know I'm late to this video, but I feel targeted!!! A diorama of my favorite manga/film adaptation made by my childhood hero?!?!?!?! I love this so much!!!
J Thomas
J Thomas - 7 dager siden
I think this was your worst one day build yet :(
Manolis Ditsoudis
Manolis Ditsoudis - 7 dager siden
Adam you should consider moving to metric system. My mind hurts every time you measure something.And don’t you think it’s time to change from the imperial system, the same system that British empire measured distance by counting the number of countries they had invaded.
Lexio - 7 dager siden
I know some things are better when its mechanical or more "life like" when displaying something like this. But I would have totally went with an LCD panel, a raspberry pi and have the background just scrolling on the screen. That solves both the illumination and you even have the ability to change the background if you wan to. But it was still a great build to watch :)
brizzelsprout - 7 dager siden
"So relaxing"
jmiller2120 - 7 dager siden
XYZ!!! :-)
Ashton Eaves
Ashton Eaves - 7 dager siden
I'm pretty sure he was streaming this first, so I guess technically it was a surprise for live viewers. (i might be wrong)
bricknick - 7 dager siden
12:47 I'm totally imagening the small Adams
Eudell the Grey
Eudell the Grey - 7 dager siden
Literally no one...
reeft - 8 dager siden
All that work and not using fishing line to hang it up? oof.
Michael Nicholls
Michael Nicholls - 8 dager siden
I would have mounted the model to a sheet of clear Perspex and done away with the wires. Might help with the motor noise too. Love your work.
Spykersan - 8 dager siden
I wonder if fishing line might be less visible?
Goatsemarathon - 8 dager siden
If you want some good free background music for your videos you should check out Wintergatan. You can use their music for free if you download the license.
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan - 8 dager siden
I went to the Ghibli Museum a few years ago. It's really amazing!
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds - 8 dager siden
Reminds me of when I was a kit i had model airplanes hanging from my ceiling in a dogfight. Awesome!
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor - 8 dager siden
Hey Adam,
I grew up with a father who is a maker, but as such, never myself actually got my hands dirty.
As a non maker, I just wanted to say how I love your videos and seeing how each of your tools that you have adapted and updated over time continue to serve you to expedite and improve your process.
From mythbusters, to cosplay, to prop making. From tools, to jokes and everything in between. Thank you for allowing us to share in your experiences!
Sergei - 8 dager siden
That was Adam live. Wut a treat to see the Ledgend. Made my fuckin day right thur.
Marten Schrage
Marten Schrage - 8 dager siden
"Hey, I got a beautiful model let's out it together and display it; but wait why not build a massive box to display it?"
Great work as always. I'm jealous of your precision with your cuts.
Bearimo - 8 dager siden
28:05 anyone know why adam used an unscrew / screw method there?
ND Ginger
ND Ginger - 8 dager siden
This was my first Studio Ghibli film. It holds a special place in my heart, and I am happy to see others enjoy it as mush as I do. Thanks for being so awsome
John Hascall
John Hascall - 8 dager siden
gets to the end and uses black! thread to hang the model. Doesn't Adam have any clear fishing line?
xarcaz - 8 dager siden
Lmao, what a weeb.
Ian McClure
Ian McClure - 8 dager siden
"I need two. Yes. Two? Yes. Two! Yes."
Hannah Goodwin
Hannah Goodwin - 8 dager siden
I love the audio mixing in these videos, using ambient noise at standard speed over time lapses instead of royalty free music is just wonderful and helps lend a sense of determined progress
sugarbearsid - 8 dager siden
Are we not going to talk about how at ~34:41 Adam nails the piece to the work surface, and then tries to lift it a few seconds later. You can see that the edge is nailed down right when there is an awkward cut to..Adam having made a mistake (putting it in backwards).
Chris Lore
Chris Lore - 8 dager siden
Bah! Spoilers right in the title!!
Jeff Ullman
Jeff Ullman - 8 dager siden
When he screwed in the drywall screws he drilled in and out a few times. What does this do?
Michael Berthelsen
Michael Berthelsen - 8 dager siden
This ought to have been a three-episode'er, Tested Team...😅 One for the moving backdrop, one for the rest of the case, and one for the model.😉 Can we PLEASE have that...?😊🙏❤
Marcus Gunderson
Marcus Gunderson - 8 dager siden
Wait til he drops the, "positive grab" I'm on pins and needles.
Robgumby - 8 dager siden
Shane - 8 dager siden
I hate you. Of course my Blu-ray has the original Japanese language version.( First time I checked) When I watched it the first time was Blockbuster on VHS. Got my afternoon planned. Thanks. I mean it!
RM Projects UK
RM Projects UK - 8 dager siden
49:35 "isn't that peaceful, so relaxing" guy down the street "damn it Adam keep the noise down" 😂
Mark Rosolowski
Mark Rosolowski - 9 dager siden
Step 1: apply glue
Step 2: think about where to apply glue
RealPunkZ Official
RealPunkZ Official - 9 dager siden
Should used invisible thread...
Katan Akuma
Katan Akuma - 9 dager siden
Watching you explain things to the camera at 1.5 speed playback was trippy. Great build.
Jordan Casanova
Jordan Casanova - 9 dager siden
5chr4pn3ll - 9 dager siden
Imperial measurements sound like crazy talk..
Xavorin - 9 dager siden
22:21 Mr. Savage, back at it again with those teleportation powers in his Cave.
Random Person
Random Person - 9 dager siden
disco ball motor?
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe - 9 dager siden
You had me at Studio Ghibli.
David Cortesi
David Cortesi - 9 dager siden
Next one-day build: Adam reupholsters his rolling stool!
Emerson White
Emerson White - 9 dager siden
Whose sky picture is that? The internet doesn't really produce pictures, it just transmits and stores them.
Ronda Carpenter
Ronda Carpenter - 9 dager siden
I have a big love for Studio Ghibli films as well.
JammyThoson - 9 dager siden
Maybe the small motor can still do some good by parallaxing some clouds on see-through sheet in front of the main backdrop at a slightly different speed 🤔.
kaare - 9 dager siden
I want to relax when watching these videos, but I always feel stressed since he is rushing so much, nudging and shoving things around, spilling his drinks. Oh Adam :D
SirSchlock - 9 dager siden
Norska or nor-see-ka? Gibbly or jibbly? Sound off in the comments :)
MrTridac - 9 dager siden
Nausicaä go brrrrrrrr
Esquif100 - 9 dager siden
Adam "too much coke" Savage.
Trey Chadick
Trey Chadick - 9 dager siden
Why the in-and-out with the screws at 28:00? Does it make the join more resilient under thermal/moisture expansion or something?
Wesmade Builds
Wesmade Builds - 9 dager siden
I picked up 1-2-3 blocks with no holes. I never use the holes anyway, but now I have a block much heavier than the other. They are harder to pick up off the table though.
The guy who doesn't get sarcasm
What are those invisible wires that illusionists used called?
steve wallace
steve wallace - 9 dager siden
I skipped about 1hr 8 mins of this....I'm glad I did. It's a swing and a miss
Benalark - 9 dager siden
Adam you need to get some gallery space somewhere man. Display your collection, have plans and descriptions for the ones you designed yourself, put a QR code next to the ones with videos. Charge a small fee for it. Do it as a pop-up when the world starts having gatherings like conventions again.
blackwaterguide - 9 dager siden
This would really cool in an old console TV!
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis - 9 dager siden
Slow reveal no kidding I watch that whole build at double speed and it still was too slow!