Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Life-Size Velociraptor Costume!

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Adam embarks on one of his most ambitious builds yet: fulfilling his lifelong dream of a wearable life-size velociraptor costume! With the help of the amazing designers and builders at character shop Animax Designs, Adam begins his raptor costume build in the cave with some materials experimentation and figuring out the movement of the tail. Follow about this epic journey that will take Adam cross country in a build that spans an entire month!
Watch part 2 of this build:
Watch part 3 of this build:
Shot by Adam Savage
Edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks
Special thanks to the team at Animax Designs for making this build possible!
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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Runtime: 53:26


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 15 dager siden
Special thanks to the team at Animax Designs for making this build possible!
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Logikure - 11 timer siden
@Fuck You No! It is based of the raptors in Jurassic Park. (But it is bigger then the raptors from the movies)
Anthony Schmocker
Anthony Schmocker - 2 dager siden
need a shirt saying "oh dude, Oh Dude, OH DUDE!!!" ............ i only want 1% of sales 😂
Fuck You
Fuck You - 6 dager siden
Maybe I missed it, but are you adding the feathers it should have?
souperman666 - 8 dager siden
Don't forget the feathers
Daniel Strain
Daniel Strain - 8 dager siden
Amazing! Need a hook or something that you can set the triangle control onto which will hold the head and neck in a neutral position that looks good. Then you can take your hands off without it collapsing. Otherwise that will get very heavy to hold over time.
Xenotundra - Time siden
Its an impressive build but I can't put myself past the design... I want car-sized, T.Rex-shaped raptors to be a thing of the past 15 years ago. For a costume, the size is fine but that head and those broken hands! Its the hands! I hate them so much.
Jcknight7996 - 2 timer siden
I am *super* pissed Covid stopped last years salt lake Comicon but PLEASE PLEASE bring this to 2021 Salt Lake Comicon if you're going
apsitively - 4 timer siden
Adam playing with his tail is like any of us with a new toy :D
Yah dude
Yah dude - 7 timer siden
Adam savage's one day builds:
Adam: "I gave myself 2 weeks to build this thing"
Devon Hess
Devon Hess - 7 timer siden
Adam, there *are* some points past which dogs should not go.
apsitively - 7 timer siden
@5:30 Get a bucket and a mop for this wet ass plywood!
Mark Blackley
Mark Blackley - 8 timer siden
MrProfessorRandomzz - 9 timer siden
I love how he’s wearing marsyards!
Joseph Liebgott
Joseph Liebgott - 9 timer siden
No feathers?
Kento10 - 10 timer siden
I would say rather then using a blade per cut laiser cutting seem to be more effective depending on the metal
PiperDraws Wof
PiperDraws Wof - 13 timer siden
That’s amazing and all but.. real velociraptors were the size of turkeys and they were feathered. All the raptors in Jurassic world and Jurassic park are actually Utahraptors not velociraptors.
Werewolf dad
Werewolf dad - 14 timer siden
Adam's fursona is a raptor, prove me wrong

this is a joke, don't at me.
Technoraptor 777
Technoraptor 777 - 14 timer siden
Life size velociraptor would be the size of a turkey! Not a horse!
Christian VM
Christian VM - 14 timer siden
I know velociraptor is way cooler but this animal more closely resembles deinonychus. Raptors we're literally the size of chickens lol
Iris x
Iris x - 15 timer siden
omg his face when he was wagging his tail
Thomas Spachek
Thomas Spachek - 15 timer siden
The tail looks like the rubber sock thing from A Dolphin Tale, but e l o n g a t e d lol
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis - 16 timer siden
The smile that crept up my face as he began to move the tail's skeleton. :) such good movement
Cinnamon Sugar Courtney
Cinnamon Sugar Courtney - 17 timer siden
Nice you removed all that wood from the front, I wondered if you would. I like all the circles :D
Foxxi Angel
Foxxi Angel - Dag siden
alternate title: adam becomes a realistic scaley
Salamence Robot
Salamence Robot - Dag siden
All I could think the entire time is "he would make a killing selling furry costumes and cosplays" and then my brain goes "wait he's adam savage he doesn't need to make a killing"
Ev0ltion - Dag siden
50:23 one bar prison xD
Ev0ltion - Dag siden
Im ready for this comment to be deleted btw xD
D K - Dag siden
My 6 year old daughter is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs and after watching this video, now wants me to build her this for Halloween this year! Thank you Adam! (No sarcasm, just not sure I'm going to live up to your quality here! Lol)
NodenGin - Dag siden
This made me really want a cedar-strip dinosaur.
Robert Dahlström
Robert Dahlström - Dag siden
what's with the duct tape on the back of the left hand?
Mike Miller
Mike Miller - Dag siden
Hello Adam, So the whole time I am watching this I keep going back in my memories to when I used to build and fly Balsa built RC airplanes and gliders. Your Tail structure looks much like that of a wing with several spars. When making a wing you would lay a heat shrinkable material over the spars using a hobby iron. The material has a glue on the inner surface that activates with some heat. One brand of this material is called Monokote if you want to look into it. I was thinking it would have been lighter than what you did and it would have given you complete coverage of the skeletal structure and providing a huge amount of surface area to glue on your skin. The down side would have been once applied the structure would be more rigid. Over course you could just cover certain sections of the skeletal structure leaving some motion to the tail if you wanted. Anyway Just thought I would share the idea.
Pjilla - Dag siden
you could fill the tail with helium balloons to make it even lighter???
Dorlow - Dag siden
Would anyone care to point out to Adam, what he actually built was a life-size replica of the Deinonychus. The velovciraptor was closer to that of a 2 foot tall Turkey.
LazyRogue - 2 dager siden
Adam: Welcome to a new one day build.
Also Adam: So Six weeks ago..
That sums up every "quick" project I've taken on.
Infinitely Qurious
Infinitely Qurious - 2 dager siden
Men only want one thing, and it's disgusting.
To build a life-size dinosaur costume.
GandalfAndFerg - 2 dager siden
Just make a realistic deinonychus! jeez bro
Gary Kenny
Gary Kenny - 2 dager siden
Jason Greashaber
Jason Greashaber - 2 dager siden
We need a "YES DOGS" sign instead.
Scottimus Garrett
Scottimus Garrett - 2 dager siden
Wow, Adam. Truly remarkable DIY engineering on the tail. So cool.
Wayne Werner
Wayne Werner - 2 dager siden
I'd probably use a plasma cutter to cut metal, rather than a scroll saw. At least, if it's available.
Derek T
Derek T - 2 dager siden
The structure of that tail is very similar to aircraft stressed skin construction
It's really cool
Wayne Werner
Wayne Werner - 2 dager siden
"but I don't mind..." because THERE'S A RAPTOR AT THE END OF THIS PROCESS!
Artisan Noteworthy
Artisan Noteworthy - 2 dager siden
" .. and her name is Louise. You pay Louise your respects."
That raptor better get a pair of pink bunny ears....
DuneDemon8 - 2 dager siden
It is not a life-size velociraptor. It is a life size utahraptor, and a life-size not full adult utahraptor.
Tharathgar - 2 dager siden
That sign just needs no replaced with all.
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen - 2 dager siden
Much as I’d love my own costume like this, I’ll stick with my WWD style inflatable costume. About 15’ long, powered by 2 fans, and put it on pretty much the same way, and weighs under 5 lbs.
Bullfrogerwytsch - 3 dager siden
Adam Savages Temporally indeterminate builds.
tvsinesperanto - 3 dager siden
"Dinosaurs! It's the first thing I was obsessed with."
Yeah, I me too. Then I discovered girls.
Not sure that was a wise transition. Raptors are less scary.
Ryoka242 - 3 dager siden
My only suggestion on making a bar that will hold your costume while it sits but doesn't make it hard for you to remove from the said bar, is to implement a pedal lift with a Z pedal that has a switch lock. when you press on the pedal, the bar locks up. which will make the bar longer. when you press the pedal again, the bar goes to the ground giving you about 3-5 inches of height difference.
Dwayne Harvie
Dwayne Harvie - 3 dager siden
WHY has Discovery not thrown buckets of money at you to put this on TV?!? Waaaaaay better than most of the crap on right now. Way better. Seriously.
Alvaro Aros
Alvaro Aros - 3 dager siden
i really enjoyed this ! Thanks for the attitude...
Eric Kyle
Eric Kyle - 3 dager siden
Halloween at Adam's house will never be the same.
anubis alter
anubis alter - 3 dager siden
lol adams a scaley
Lavender Rainbow
Lavender Rainbow - 3 dager siden
11:01 - I often see this blue can with a red straw sticking out of it on your desk that you seem to use alot. What is it? It is just left of your tail on the desk. WD40?
Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham - 3 dager siden
When you have a title card that says “Day Two” in a video titled “One Day Build” you might have lost the goal
Thiago Ennes
Thiago Ennes - 3 dager siden
you really should steam bend thin pieces of solid wood... you can also laminate wood veneers without steaming. It is how you make skateboards. steaming wood that is already laminated doesn't make much sense.
The VelociPastor
The VelociPastor - 3 dager siden
its my dream aswell, but i dont own a workshop, or am old enough, or have the mind to do something like this, i wish to have a Raptor costume like that, but glad you got it! have fun with it cause oh boy, i would have a lot
415 s30
415 s30 - 3 dager siden
Hey Adam I just watched the new Doors movie trailer and I'm pretty sure they used Daft Punk prop kit material for the helmets. I can't unsee it, check it out.
Bella Kaldera
Bella Kaldera - 3 dager siden
But Adam, the fossil record tells us that is much too big to be a Velociraptor, perhaps a Dromeosaur, but Velociraptors were little and had feathers!
Vanessa Thomas
Vanessa Thomas - 3 dager siden
I love the sound he made when the camera fell back
Gry Krog
Gry Krog - 4 dager siden
I love how im the end i just sit like, ok who gave this child a raptor. But I really love it, its awesome
StrongestOnyx Blackxpearl
StrongestOnyx Blackxpearl - 4 dager siden
i love you so much. please, find a way to become immortal
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
James Faulkner II
James Faulkner II - 4 dager siden
No feathers.
NoahZoic - 4 dager siden
god this is such a dream job. I definitely would love to do SOMETHING like this on my channel like i would die to make this!
Drift King
Drift King - 4 dager siden
Would it be epic to have a dinosaur costume conservation like comic con but dinosaurs costumes!
Kalepsis - 4 dager siden
It's pretty awesome, I have to admit. The only problem is that an actual velociraptor is about the size of a peacock.
Foxy Dinok
Foxy Dinok - 4 dager siden
Adam, PLEASE Create a Godzilla suit, PLEASE!!
3MP ArchAngel
3MP ArchAngel - 4 dager siden
Hiking long distance really sucks, so the saying
"Ounces equal pounds. Pounds equal pain."
I think, encapsulates the idea of losing weight where you can.
greenatom - 4 dager siden
This is absolutely delightful!
Kutanra - 4 dager siden
This man is living my dream
Samuel Mendoza
Samuel Mendoza - 4 dager siden
One day builds???
Black Shadow
Black Shadow - 5 dager siden
you talk to much!!!
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel - 5 dager siden
13:00 Spread that softness!
Tim Firman
Tim Firman - 5 dager siden
To "flush out the ribs" had you considered bendable plywood comes in 4x8 or 8x4 foot sheets ,link
My steamer consists of the old style keg, with a short galvanized threaded nipple sized to fit the bung hole in the keg, straight up into a 6" diam. galvanized HVAC type metal duct. Often available at 'Habitat for humanity restore.' I happen to put the keg in a fire pit, but a propane weed burner would work as well.
Gazoont - 5 dager siden
17:04 I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
ApocBlack - 5 dager siden
Ear Pro while using the table saw?
YesImHuman - 5 dager siden
Damn look at Adams sneakers, if you know you know.
fluffy - 5 dager siden
It’s a one day build as in, one day I want to build it
r1ckyl4k3 - 5 dager siden
Just the sheer joy on Adam's face when he tested the tail in the hall. Those are the best things to see when someone is building something.
Janica Aclao Janssen
Janica Aclao Janssen - 5 dager siden
I showed this to my 4 year old and he goes, "It's a velociraptor, does it have feathers?" 🤔 I guess we'll see..
Cpt Harvey McBubles
Cpt Harvey McBubles - 5 dager siden
God that fire LED in the background at 20:00 spooked me for a bit
Rev_dude - 5 dager siden
Well that was the quickest 50 minute video I've ever watched
Yobby 00f
Yobby 00f - 5 dager siden
Furry confirmed
Crg Lwr
Crg Lwr - 5 dager siden
Make your own blades Sherlock. Lol.
You’d probably do a better job than buying them. 👍🏻🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Vinicius Carraro
Vinicius Carraro - 5 dager siden
It would be nice if you gathered all the material that you removed in a bin, just to compare the weight at the end. Awesome costume btw
UnicornDonut466 - 5 dager siden
Steamer is steamer.
Justin Berube
Justin Berube - 5 dager siden
you could use 3 ropes for tail spine too. one on right one on left one in center
LaserGadgets - 5 dager siden
Could swear the REAL velociraptor was something between 1-2ft tall only.
Freek Hoekstra
Freek Hoekstra - 15 timer siden
Correct, like an angry turkey... well i guess just like a turkey infact... xD But yes as mentioned above, there were other raptors that were this size.
Howard G
Howard G - 5 dager siden
You are right is was about the size of a German Shepard.
Meteroson - 5 dager siden
Yeah the raptor here is more like a Deinonychus or Utharaptor.
Enrique Chavez Hinojosa
Enrique Chavez Hinojosa - 5 dager siden
Thank you so much for sharing all this proyects, my name is Enrique Chávez Hinojosa and i´m writing from México.
hOurworld11 - 5 dager siden
I'm subscribed and haven't seen you for years.
Steven Wechter
Steven Wechter - 5 dager siden
adam will never agree with this comment but not only is he a genius but he is a treasure for any creative type because un like most he pulls the curtain back every time no secret sauce with him and that is generous and selfless
The Dee
The Dee - 5 dager siden
You know what this means, though. You're going to HAVE to wear this to a convention (as soon as they're a thing again) and your cover is going to be blown.
Jan K
Jan K - 5 dager siden
Hey Adam! Can't you invert the mouth trigger? I feel like your hand would hurt if you have to keep the mouth shut all day.
B1T_Official - 5 dager siden
Well there was infact at least one day in this build.
Stabbo TheHappyClown
Stabbo TheHappyClown - 5 dager siden
When he says raptor, he means Velociraptor. Sorry for being pedantic, but raptor means a bird of prey, e.g., an eagle, hawk, falcon, or owl.
Seth Steele
Seth Steele - 5 dager siden
I wish your tested shirts and the follow the process not the plan came in a polo shirt so I could wear it to work (I'm an engineer so I have to dress business casual at minimum)
moonlite x
moonlite x - 5 dager siden
velociraptors were chicken-sized
raphi ____
raphi ____ - 5 dager siden
movie monster not velociraptor >.>
raphi ____
raphi ____ - 5 dager siden
also not life size duh
Protomodem - 5 dager siden
clever girl!
Elisa Cortez
Elisa Cortez - 5 dager siden
I can’t wait to start making one for myself LOL, Adam is an inspiration.
gsh - 5 dager siden
"Life-Size Velociraptor Costume" ... I guess the only word Adam actually knows what it means is "costume" ... dude, would be nice if you entered the 21st century ... it is 2021 already
Aurora07 - 5 dager siden
Lifesize velociraptor you say?
Phill Wilkerson
Phill Wilkerson - 6 dager siden
Every backpacker will tell you; grams matter