Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom End Tables!

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Adam reveals his surprise Christmas present for his wife--a set of custom-designed and built bedroom end tables! These cedar tables aren't just a woodworking exercise; they encapsulate all the aesthetic and functional design that Adam has wanted to put into this kind of furniture, including built-in lighting and power outlets. It's a multi-day journey to make the pair of tables in time for Christmas!
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 29 dager siden
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Dana LaBerge
Dana LaBerge - 22 dager siden
can a brother get a link to them drawer slides please?
Scott MacLean
Scott MacLean - 23 dager siden
@alpha bravo I was surprised they were 110v not 12v with a transformer. Also the other end of the strip has straight up exposed wire cut off right where your hand might go if you reached up under the drawer front.
cchaffin2012 - 27 dager siden
Glen drake Tite-Mark is micro-adjustable marking gauge 👍
Tim Norris
Tim Norris - 27 dager siden
At 46 minutes in, Adam says he would like a marking gauge that has incremental adjustment. Lee Valley Tools sells a very nice Micro-Adjust Marking Gauge.
David Mathieson
David Mathieson - 28 dager siden
Hey Adam fun fact with japanese pull saws, much of the time when cross cutting on thick stock (usually beams) they would be used starting from the underside of the that you are pulling the saw up towards yourself. Also a very good finish that I like especially for table tops is yacht varnish, its a good hard wearing finish and fairly inexpensive.
Andre T
Andre T - 3 timer siden
"count one's chickens (before they hatch)" - paraphrase: don't count accomplishments before they are achieved
Andrew Lisabeth
Andrew Lisabeth - 10 timer siden
He has such a nice out feed table on that table saw.
BRAINSHACK - Dag siden
Imaging spilling a cup of coffe on this felt surface. You gonna hate life after that.
mason emmons
mason emmons - Dag siden
do you still talk to jamie from mythbusters
Jordan Grant
Jordan Grant - Dag siden
18:45 Anybody know if the hands on the top shelf are signing something particular? Could just be random positions, but that would be almost weirder to me...
The Infidel
The Infidel - 2 dager siden
the most important items in this cave are electrical tape and gauze...lots of gauze ^^
Dade Murphey
Dade Murphey - 2 dager siden
They are called MITER cuts, for the love of god
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez - 2 dager siden
You should work with Nick Offerman
Dave Stackpole
Dave Stackpole - 2 dager siden
1:00:35 I love how Adam just uses noises and whistles instead of words sometimes
Strawberry Princess
Strawberry Princess - 3 dager siden
Always do the hardest part first...unless the hardest part is a bevel cut.
Matt O
Matt O - 3 dager siden
How u cut felt is how I cut leather when I first started making leather goods
lil washu
lil washu - 3 dager siden
i was a carpenter, and i miss it so much, and im having such a total nerdgasm from that hunk of cedar! ive had the honor of working with a piece of walnut that size, completely solid, and man i wish i could go back to doing furniture grade carpentry!
Gone 004
Gone 004 - 4 dager siden
at 28:00 his left index finger was fine, next transition, he hid the wound under a skin colored band aid. And later in the video he must have hurt his index again because it in a giant black tape "bandage", giving up all hope of hiding it to the camera. BUT I NOTICED ! it was hidden in plain sight, and it drove me crazy, I spend an hour finding when it appeared.
Debbie Andrews
Debbie Andrews - 4 dager siden
The loud snowplow constitutively stuff because philosophy pathogenetically spark toward a plastic police. eatable, sore story
David Pearce
David Pearce - 4 dager siden
I'm not an electrician but.. could you use a little heat shrink or something on the spades and unused switch terminals please?
Ring Man
Ring Man - 5 dager siden
James Fancy
James Fancy - 5 dager siden
Gorgeous stuff, Adam. Love your work.
Jade Pettus
Jade Pettus - 5 dager siden
To say I was devastated when Mythbusters wrapped, would be an understatement. I watched every episode, and owned many specials on DVD. I watched white Rabbit project, and was sad when it ended as well. It felt like something was missing in that show, and I think many other viewers felt the same. It was Adam. His enthusiasm, can-do spirit, and brutal honesty is fun to watch. I just discovered this channel, and was so excited I had to comment! Love what you do, keep up the good work!
Lyle Slaton
Lyle Slaton - 6 dager siden
The million dollar question. Did she like them,or are they on Craigslist?
joel hanson
joel hanson - 6 dager siden
Very nice job Adam!!!
Plasmaburndeath - 6 dager siden
Anyone else hear a high pitch hum reverb thing during middle of the video as Adam talks? Almost like a blown microphone or something was odd.
CD plus
CD plus - 6 dager siden
that Japanese saw is so sexy
Paul Marotta
Paul Marotta - 7 dager siden
Hi Adam, what was your wife’s response to the table, sure she loved them!
inkstainedhearts - 7 dager siden
Love the table, but damn, do I hate felt.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 7 dager siden
I wish I had Mr Adams tools....I have literally none of them...but all the enthusiasm
Darren-Edward Oneill
Darren-Edward Oneill - 7 dager siden
A nitrocellulose sanding sealer, several coats sanded in between coats with a fine dry paper then one or two final coats of a indoor spray varnish which is available in many finishes and colors - is the standard method we employ in cabinet making
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 8 dager siden
lvd55555 - 8 dager siden
Your saw looks see through!!!
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman - 9 dager siden
His shop is a mess.
Torquil Harkness
Torquil Harkness - 9 dager siden
Who the f... downvotes this ??? Does Adam Savage have 100's of ex wives or something???
Finishedbark - 10 dager siden
you seem to be pushing the Japanese pull saw
Michael Lindsay
Michael Lindsay - 10 dager siden
I put these videos on mute, put some music on and just enjoy
James Dobson
James Dobson - 10 dager siden
Great video, but how you used the table saw scared me!
SuperFidella - 10 dager siden
Why not use a quilter's Rotary Cutter for your felt? Would have to be better than a dragging blade.
RFC3514 - 10 dager siden
20:34 - I thought Adam was about to launch into a Tom Jones impression.
RFC3514 - 10 dager siden
3:47 - Or you could use an appropriate saw for that task (that would cut faster, with less effort, and keep your wrist in a more natural and healthy position), like the ones that have been used for centuries by the nations that built the ships that discovered the world, instead of using a Japanese saw designed for completely different work, just because it's fashionable among San Francisco hipsters. ;^)
The fact that you had to swap hands (and even use both, at one point) is a hint that you're using the wrong tool for that job.
RFC3514 - 11 dager siden
0:55 - Yes and no. I mean, you definitely can't do the same horrible, horrible things that you'd do if you were going to make it out of MDF and paint it, but once you start thinking in terms of "proper" woodworking, you can retrofit that to MDF and ply (and probably plastics, too), and it will improve the things you build out of _those_ as well.
Quite often, doing things properly (with joinery, and glue, and clamps, and screws) isn't much harder than banging them together with staples and random nails; you just need to order things properly in your mind before starting, and use a few jigs (that you only need to build once).
So yeah, it _is_ a different mental space, but it's a mental space where non-real-wood fits fine, too. Just not the other way around.
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor - 11 dager siden
Miter joints and bevel cuts are a nightmare.
That saw stands as proof that they annoyed someone so much that they designed and built a machine to do it for them.
Just like all the great tools.
Nobody likes doing them except the handful of folks that can just look at the piece, measure where they cut should be, feel the stock to see which way the grain's going, then crank out a million perfect cuts.
The rest of us just bust out the machine and hope all the visible sides look right.
Laura Weiss
Laura Weiss - 11 dager siden
35:24 - comment on how easily a jam clears on this pneumatic nailer, then a scene cut and Adam has a rather significant bandage on his left index finger. WTF?
Mr Palindrome
Mr Palindrome - 11 dager siden
Hey Adam, does the felt cutting technique you're using also work for stretchier leather?
Chantal Bellmont
Chantal Bellmont - 11 dager siden
They're beautiful, but I don't like that the fronts of the drawers sticks out farther than the legs
Laura Weiss
Laura Weiss - 11 dager siden
My husband was a carpenter, but seeing someone use a table saw still scares the crap out of me.
speez plessas
speez plessas - 11 dager siden
Nice work! The way you build the top with red felt was a nice touch. One thing you didn’t put and today is a must is a wireless charger under the felt! I routed under side of top to except the ring for charger.
Mark Woodworth
Mark Woodworth - 11 dager siden
On cutting the felt. Two words, ROTARY CUTTER. Quilters use them every day for accurate cuts using templates.
TylerLeeds111 - 12 dager siden
Hi Adam.
Wood working tip.
When you have to resaw a piece of lumber on your table saw that's too thick to cut in a single pass, cut just less than halfway though on each pass.
After you've done your two cuts you'll end up with two pieces connected by a thin rib. You can then take the piece and cut the rib out with a hand saw. It's far safer and less likely to lead to a puckered asshole. Also: put the riving knive back on that powermatic.
1977NOBODY - 12 dager siden
I skateboard a lot.....I wish I had an extra leg in case I mess up🤣
Richard H Jones
Richard H Jones - 12 dager siden
Beautiful man, just beautiful!!! Again, it is obviously gives you the jizz. And it should.
Richard H Jones
Richard H Jones - 12 dager siden
Like Wranglerstar says. Just gives you the jizz!
MSean - 12 dager siden
So pleased you chose to use tung oil!!! My favourite finish! Nice tables buddy.
Donald Davis
Donald Davis - 12 dager siden
Why do you use the Japanese hand saw when you use power tools on everything else
karlt10 - 12 dager siden
On your miters (bevels), you not only need to ensure your blade is correctly 45 to the fence horizontally, but you also need to verify the blade is 90 degree to the fence vertically,. AND you need to make sure your deck is 90 to the fence. ALL of the fence. My DeWalt, on the left had side where the fence can be removed, the fixed part of the fence and the removable part of the fence do not align perfectly. I used masking tape to adjust where it sits when tightened.
BlackCell22 - 13 dager siden
Bad audio the entire time, but entertaining as hell. If you only slowed down 5%, Adam, you would save yourself 20% time of having to fix things.
hypoxide - 13 dager siden
Adam, you are distractingly obsessed with your widow's peak. Please either get hair plugs or just let it go
Robert Graybeard
Robert Graybeard - 13 dager siden
at 1:02:10 . . . looks like a purr-fessional did that. cool cat. Good Work!
Kevin Olver
Kevin Olver - 13 dager siden
Are you the only one you can have an intelligent conversation with?
Jenny M.
Jenny M. - 13 dager siden
They turned out fantastic! Very well done, love the felt.
Jeff Stout
Jeff Stout - 13 dager siden
1:00:39 - Adam channeling his inner Boomhauer?
Toshley - 13 dager siden
I have similar opinions about computer desks. They have always been too small, or the desktop is too low, or the hutch is just too small to fit both of my monitors side by side.
A few months ago I took apart a very old cedar playset that wasn't safe anymore, sanded down the nicer boards, and repurposed them into a leaning ladder style desk/hutch/bookcase, and finished it with a beeswax/linseed oil coat that gave the cedar a beautiful golden warmth.
All I had was a japanese saw, a drill, and a belt sander, but sometimes you've just gotta solve the problem yourself.
alek vodka
alek vodka - 13 dager siden
Adam and his crazy hair looks like the Mad Doctor 😂😂 Awesome work , like always dude. Cheers
David Becker
David Becker - 14 dager siden
All that work and I feel like your partner will say, It's kind of loud when you open it and the light comes on. :D
Nick Larson
Nick Larson - 14 dager siden
You really should be wearing a respirator when working with Cedar. it is bad for your lungs.
Platinum - 14 dager siden
Adam's planer is too efficient for me. I love seeing all the wood shavings fly off
audugu - 14 dager siden
That has to be the worst handling of a table saw I've ever seen. oh my lord..
eukaryon - 14 dager siden
Mrs. "Don't Try This" - Wonder how many times she has said that to you, then had the first aid ready for you on your return.
reliquancy - 15 dager siden
The design would make a cool chess table if you used a black and white checkerboard felt square on the top, some kind of insert in the drawer for the pieces.
L Robbinz Jr.
L Robbinz Jr. - 15 dager siden
Get a better miter box. Problem solved. 🙂
bluemalamute - 15 dager siden
Dude, Mr. S., very nice work, sir.
Alexander Kraus
Alexander Kraus - 15 dager siden
Adam working these 6*6s looks like an elf working on 4*4s
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins - 15 dager siden
I missed where the bandaid became a papertowel and black gaffers tape on the finger. Which tool was it? Table saw? Planer? Bandsaw? Mortiser?
Kurtis Burmeister
Kurtis Burmeister - 15 dager siden
If I need an accurate miter, I cut it on the table saw with a sled. David at MakeSomething has a good video on this:
John Bazaar
John Bazaar - 15 dager siden
The trials and tribulations of furniture making. I struggle with mitered corners, too.
I complain about my inability to create a good miter while everyone else tells me how beautiful the finished product is.
Those are beautiful end tables.
Russell Jones
Russell Jones - 15 dager siden
The sneeze at 9:35 😂😂😂
Lon Johnson
Lon Johnson - 15 dager siden
Do you have an opinion on European "Combo" machines? Like a woodworking all in one bench I'm told
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - 15 dager siden
R4L69 nation
R4L69 nation - 15 dager siden
You got a love the craftsmanship on the end tables it really looks like a professional did it
Christian Creighton
Christian Creighton - 15 dager siden
Im genuinely impressed by ur straight cut with that Japanese saw
Duke Builds'em
Duke Builds'em - 16 dager siden
Adam, loved watching this build. I have a question though, how do you ensure correct alignment of the drawer runners on all plains? As they break after a while if this is out of true. Keep building Dude as you're keeping me sane 👍
Eli Brown
Eli Brown - 16 dager siden
Yeezums - Adam needs a riving knife on that table saw! Or splitters. That is scary.
Mantis Tobaggan
Mantis Tobaggan - 16 dager siden
sounds like I'm closing a door in Minecraft
AgentWash117 - 16 dager siden
lets see how many times he'll say, "Don't cut through on the first cut."
Prashanth Shanbhag
Prashanth Shanbhag - 16 dager siden
Should have used Odie's Oil from ToolsToday for the finish. Still looks great!!
creepaze - 16 dager siden
If you're cutting felt or fabric that stretches and moves as you cut, a rotary cutter works pretty good.
Blaine Drayer
Blaine Drayer - 16 dager siden
it is either mid century or craftsman style not both.
Nate Beck
Nate Beck - 16 dager siden
I think we have a different definition of "End Table" and "Night Stand"
billy bob jimson
billy bob jimson - 16 dager siden
Adam: “So it’ll be a little *whistle* *whistle* *whistle* *whistle* *whistle* with a little *tweedle* *tweedle* right there and a *vvvvvvvv* right there into the thing”
Me: Ahhh, yes I understand now. Perfect explaination!
BiggySteve18 - 16 dager siden
Adam (sees anything he builds) "(Laughs hysterically) I have done it again!" lol love to see the childlike excitement on his face. I get the same way my wife has no idea what it feels like to do something yourself.
Kranchman - 16 dager siden
waer some ear protection! you insane but gorgeus man!
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer - 16 dager siden
Funny coincidence, I'm in my wood working shop right now, I often have something on YouTube going, usually music, but auto play will bring me to other things. Anyway, I was just drilling into some red cedar and thinking to myself how much I love working with it simply because it smells so good. Good stuff! 2:00
bburns221987 - 17 dager siden
I to hate bevel cuts! Thank you I thought I was alone!
BabyMakR - 17 dager siden
I talk to myself because sometimes I need expert advice.
David Lindes
David Lindes - 17 dager siden
These are very cool, Adam. I hope your wife was delighted by them, and that they serve you both well for many many years to come. Thank you for sharing your process with us all.
TheRealKirkHammett - 17 dager siden
Adam, I'm sooooooooooooo jealous of your table saw and planer!
fritzz1 - 17 dager siden
hey..... where i n the hell are the CC for your vids????
Glass Planet
Glass Planet - 17 dager siden
That untrimmed glue squeeze-out is killing me
Josh Turnbull
Josh Turnbull - 17 dager siden
Great build!... but my ears were bugging me the entire time. What was that 362 Hz ringing??
Adam Wright
Adam Wright - 17 dager siden
Man I wish he would make a gaming table.
Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors - 17 dager siden
OMG, Adam. Ripping blade!
subdavis - 17 dager siden
Can we maybe get some new music or something? I feel like it's the same 3 tracks on every video.
Russ Dailey
Russ Dailey - 17 dager siden
Affiliate links! Put some of your most asked tools in the description and people like me would support your channel by clicking those links. ie those wire strippers are awesome.