Adam Savage's King George Costume!

Adam recently completed a build of the royal St. Edwards crown inspired by the one worn on stage for Hamilton, and he pairs that prop with a full King George costume he commissioned from Chad Evett! It's Adam's first time trying on the full getup--crown, cape, and all--and we take the costume for a photo shoot at the beautiful Sydney Goldstein theater in San Francisco to see what it looks like on stage!
Watch Adam's making of the crown for this costume here:
Watch Adam's visit to the backstage of Hamilton:
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Shot by Adam Savage and Edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks
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Set build by Asa Hillis
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Runtime: 17:40


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 17 dager siden
Watch Adam's making of the crown for this costume here:
Watch Adam's visit to the backstage of Hamilton:
Rachel, Adam, Julie White
Rachel, Adam, Julie White - 10 dager siden
From 1 Adam to another and being from the UK the green clip tale definitely makes you look like a royal
Erin - 14 dager siden
chenobble - 15 dager siden
@Capitan Classic it was terrorism. Literal terrorism.
E. T.
E. T. - 15 dager siden
There`s a British youtubeclip of how they made a copy of the real Henry Vlll crown... Some cool `how to `tips there. 🤓
airlag - Dag siden
Missing Adams Comic-Con costumed appearances. This is a worthy replacement *thumbs up*
hugo76 hugo76
hugo76 hugo76 - Dag siden
manque plus que le sceptre .. j'adore le costume
Thierry Nihill
Thierry Nihill - 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who finds it hysterical ... that a pair of plastic horn rimmed glasses truly make the whole costume come together?
Henry Philipp
Henry Philipp - 3 dager siden
Love the clamp in the back. Great idea never would have though of that.
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
lana gacinovic
lana gacinovic - 4 dager siden
Is this test crown for sale. I collect royal crowns and tiaras . Would love to own this 💖
MrPinski Props
MrPinski Props - 4 dager siden
I remember when Chad first told me about making that costume. I made him his original crown and scepter. Fun times. Glad the costume is in good hands now! Go Adam!!!
James Reid
James Reid - 4 dager siden
I feel like a Knighthood should be placed on you at least, Sir Adam Savage has a good ring to it.
Konsta K
Konsta K - 4 dager siden
All hail King Adam I of Savage Industries
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic
Adam's enthusiasm and excitement is more contagious than COVID! Beautiful Costume!! Cheers! Zip~
Stephen Van Doom
Stephen Van Doom - 5 dager siden
Proud to say Chad was my roommate until a month ago, and we had a lot of fun cosplaying and shh, don't tell Adam, but I wore his King George outfit before he did! 😂Chad is amazing and so talented and utterly focused. He works all day long every day and it shows! Congrats, Chad!
Humble Tom
Humble Tom - 5 dager siden
I’m from England and I’ll be more than happy to have this king.
John van den Bos
John van den Bos - 6 dager siden
I say, Adam makes for a fine royal :-)
DeSegi - 6 dager siden
Unbelievable :-)
!!!! Your Royal Majesty Adam Savage´s the first of Mythbusters grace !!!!
Debbie Kruizinga
Debbie Kruizinga - 6 dager siden
Who is the photographer these are such beautiful pictures and edits!
Lux Energon
Lux Energon - 7 dager siden
Adam Savage is gradually turning into Pascal Sauvage!
4Curses - 7 dager siden
Adam rapidly costuming up the social ladder xD From Knights to Kings!
TwinsofDestruction - 9 dager siden
Great video! you and Chad are very talented creators
viperfo - 10 dager siden
King savage
James Proffitt
James Proffitt - 10 dager siden
Really shocked me that you didn't bring up ermine fur not alot people know about it
Nathan Grange
Nathan Grange - 10 dager siden
I have the honour to be your obedient servant, A dot Chad. A dot Sav...
Amy Walker
Amy Walker - 10 dager siden
"All Hail his royal majesty king Adam of San Francisco, Lord of Cosplay's and builds" 👏👏👏👏👏😁
Drazler Creation
Drazler Creation - 10 dager siden
Ah, his majesty looks raveshing today
Alex Reith
Alex Reith - 11 dager siden
Adam: (puts on puffy shirt) I would dress like this everyday
Me: you *really* need to make friends with Bernadette Banner
M0bb-1 - 11 dager siden
King Nothing! ;) lololol looks awesome luv it!
Hin Håle
Hin Håle - 11 dager siden
Long live the king of rejecting our reality and substituting his own!
Matthew Milligan
Matthew Milligan - 11 dager siden
I like the costume quality & the ideas for a tour prop. When I watched both episodes—the Coronation Crown & the Costume—I wanted to know more about the play.
Being more familiar with the “Madness of King George” the movie, I believe that the King may have been poisoned by a metal oxide in a conspiracy—Secret Societies, etc.
When I looked up “Farmer George” & looked at the several portraits, the King only wore the Coronation Crown once. He likely wore the State Crown only when opening Parliament & the Imperial Crown wasn’t made yet.
You called the Crown, a Hat several times & it’s funny because; King George really only wore hats.
His Military Uniforms in Dress Red had Lintzen. His Naval Dress Blue was a model for the early American Continental Army & his hat was that of a Field Marshal’s or an Earl Marshals, with the King’s Rank Insignia. His Royal Badge is the same worn by Queen Elizabeth II.
It would be fun to recreate King George’s uniforms, but also his Farmer’s Dress.
King George III was a farmer & he raised his own crops. In the movie “the Madness of King George” he’s portrayed wearing a weathered Tricorne Hat.
In King George’s most famous portrait, he wore a Gold Cape & only a powdered wig on his head.
I looked up Crowns too!
King Louis XIV’s crown is difficult to pin down. They credit the crown to the Dauphin & King Louis XV.
The Third French Republic sold off the French Crown Jewels to avoid a coup d’etat & I believe the Second Duke of Winchester bought what he could find in New York after a second sale.
What remains of the French Crowns is in the Louvre.
There are also very intricate Russian Imperial Crowns.
I have not looked up the German Crowns or the Hapsburg Crowns.
Related to King George III & later to Kings George IV & V, there were thefts of the French Crown Jewels—we have Legends about diamonds on the Titanic—also legends about the Hope Diamond.
I’m very excited to draft some ideas for screenplays; I’m not much of an accomplished writer, but that won’t stop me.
Your challenge is an awesome one & there are excellent opportunities to make props.
Emperor Charlemagne’s Crown was drawn by an artist & we all know how easy it would be to make Julius Caesar’s Crown made gold by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Super awesome—I loved the episodes!
Rung Punyachai
Rung Punyachai - 11 dager siden
Please don't do Cosplay of Thai's king.
DoStuffZ - 11 dager siden
Coming up next on Tested : Adam Savage creating his own wax stamp.
jmleeinla - 12 dager siden
Best. Joke. Ever!!!!!!!!
Prax Zimmerman
Prax Zimmerman - 12 dager siden
mykalimba - 12 dager siden
The shoes in the photo shoot at the end were different from the ones during the reveal. Why?
Created by Penny
Created by Penny - 12 dager siden
"It's good to be the king." --Mel Brooks
MrHawkins01 - 12 dager siden
you look good Adam :D
rednecktek - 12 dager siden
there are people out there that say puns are the lowest form of humor but I believe it is the greatest. it is democratized laughter, even if you groan at it you are still amused by it. And anyone can do it and do it well.
BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]
BurrShotHam711 [Jenna] - 12 dager siden
Adam, send this to Lin!! i bet it'll blow his mind!!
BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]
BurrShotHam711 [Jenna] - 12 dager siden
12:23 Adam, Washington was 6'2" (Christopher Jackson who played Washington in the OBC is a good reference point, Chris is the same height as GW)
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser - 12 dager siden
Not to get picky, but I think you said King George III (you've just written King George in the description). He was from the House of Hanover. That was followed by the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha following the death of Queen Victoria. After WW1, that changed it's name to "Windsor" to distance itself from Germany.
Side note: I just realized that the House should change after the death of QE2, though I'm not sure to what. Mountbatten?
Alianna Troy
Alianna Troy - 13 dager siden
The delight on Adam's face is just so wonderful.
Your Majesty
Your Majesty - 13 dager siden
16:39 Dude..... Nice calves. Who knew Adam had such beautiful legs?!?!
SilentSnooper - 13 dager siden
Quite Dapper, Your Majesty!
Nathan - 13 dager siden
Seeing Adam with the clamp on his bum really made me feel weird. Someone needs to send him a furrsuit.
Michael - 13 dager siden
That king is such a savage.
86fifty - 13 dager siden
WOW those are good photos! The THINGS YOU CAN DO with a professional camera in the hands of an expert! Thank you for adding in that slideshow bit at the end, REALLY tied this whole experience together! My favorite part of that costume is DEFINITELY the jacket... Ahh, the joy a fancy man must feel, being able to simply button a vest and NOT have to button the jacket!
(Definitely made me feel a little better about Adam's skinny-privilege', being able to wear the clothes 'off the rack' as it were, when seeing the clamp on the back of the breeches to hold them up LOL - no 'body' is perfect, for everything else, there's tailoring XD)
I really do look forward to the potential scepter-build, and DEFINITELY the boxes where these huge, fancy pieces will live! I used to find it irritating and strange that Adam wanted to build boxes for his props he loves, but over the years of watching this channel - and especially after seeing the walkthru of the storage-attic-area - I have come to understand and appreciate the idea! Practically speaking, things NEED boxes to be stored in, and I also now understand that it's part of Adam's process of respecting the item, rather like clothing your children - sure there's the FUNCTIONAL aspect, but there's so much more you can DO with clothing than just keep them warm and weather-proof, you can make FASHION STATEMENTS, and that's what Adam's doing with the boxes! Storage Statements! :D
sparkieT88 - 13 dager siden
its good to be the king
John Rawlins
John Rawlins - 14 dager siden
Loved the posing on the end. Thanks for the laughs Adam!
leonardomapache - 14 dager siden
That Carol Burnett refference. Oh my god! I love you, Addam.
rusty0101 - 14 dager siden
Saw what might be the 'right' design for a case for this, especially if you want it to be both a traveling case, and somewhat period correct for a traveling case, victorian style. At the Jackson Street Transportation Museum in Saint Paul, MN. Steamer trunk, opens left to right, left side has hangar spaces for shirts, trousers, etc. Right side has drawers for undergarments, and stuff you wouldn't hang up. Doubles as a dresser at your destination. I've only the one photo, but willing to share that if interested. I also presume that other's have similar photos, and I doubt if it's something that only happens to be at this museum. Presume that anything you build would be custom to your needs, not a duplicate of course.
TheRubyBluesOfficial - 14 dager siden
Fun fact...I recently did a photo restoration for Windsor castle, and got a letter from the queen thanking me! Highlight of the year!
Har Loy
Har Loy - 14 dager siden
Looks like you're the master of your domain
Carol Burnett joke was delayed laugh with the line only. Then the realization of remembering the scene too funny. Laugh again. Beauty of the internet I had to watch that scene again.
Missed opportunity of unnecessary censorship. Pixelated until you get the royal clothes on. All while under a sign, Dressing And Undressing Prohibited.
Without the crown and cape, as a prank see, if you can be a Hotel doorman.
On the trash can! King of the Trash Heap. Too funny. Is there footage on trying to achieve that?
Also Isn't ironic the British tend to have limited enthusiasm to the French, beret wearers?Irony?
The Queen's advice on wearing a crown - BBC News 1m28s
From The Coronation
Puffy Shirt
Seinfeld: The First Pirate (Clip) | TBS 1m31s
Elaine dating the Wiz.
Seinfeld-The Wiz. 36s
Frank Costanza's Lawyer wears a cape. Played by Larry David
Seinfeld TV Sitcom Comedy - Jerry Stiller Frank Costanza Man In Cape. 3m 38s
George Costanza dressed as Henry VIII
The Institute Seinfeld 1m06s
"It is good to be the king" Mel Brooks in History of the World: Part I
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith - 14 dager siden
HRM, Adam the First, thou art a stunner.
Helen Murray-Miller
Helen Murray-Miller - 14 dager siden
Amazing costume
subliminalvibes - 14 dager siden
Hi Adam! Fun anecdote... My Great Great Great Grandfather designed King George's Coronation Coach! The huge golden one. The Township of Wilton NH is named after him too; Sir Joseph Wilton.
Eliot Brown
Eliot Brown - 14 dager siden
Adam Savage... you look mahh-velous!
Seven Bates
Seven Bates - 14 dager siden
12:15 - he's coming, HE'S COMING, HE'S COMING!
matt newton
matt newton - 14 dager siden
Now just need a mask for the next incognito walk at a con
MorlikTheDwarf - 14 dager siden
"Woman dug his snuff and his gallant stroll" absolutely killed me. Glad to know others have the George Washington rap playing on repeat in their head too.
De'Lineadeus - 14 dager siden
*If it was covered in Diamonds, you would look like Liberace!*
Catseye - 14 dager siden
Now you need to make a King's crown to complete the set, and get a Queen's outfit to go with your crown!
Anime Ronin
Anime Ronin - 14 dager siden
All hail the king! Seriously, good costume.
Mrbutterman2 - 14 dager siden
You say, the price of my love's not a price that you're willing to payy
Carlos Monteiro
Carlos Monteiro - 14 dager siden
In the photo shoot you should have got some spectacles instead of using your 21th century glasses
Cryptic Corgi
Cryptic Corgi - 14 dager siden
I am glad I ran a crossed your channel. Much needed energy in my life.
Macavera - 14 dager siden
Love the fact that there is a sign writ large in the background stating “dressing and undressing prohibited” while he tries it on @ 15:12. Best laugh in awhile
Rob van Doorn
Rob van Doorn - 14 dager siden
12:15 "It's good to be the King..."
Jussi Saari
Jussi Saari - 14 dager siden
You won´t see this, but could you make one day build "chess set". Im wanting to make one and need inspiration :)
ME Dibble
ME Dibble - 14 dager siden
the is the crown of the royal family of Great Britain, not just England Adam next time your in London you NEED to visit the Tower and Windsor Castle the Artefacts the will blow your mind
Gergely Dremák
Gergely Dremák - 15 dager siden
January 6th is also the day I cut my fingers right after my not so successful Databases exam.
nicolas meza
nicolas meza - 15 dager siden
"Belt?" no
"Suspenders?" no
"Clamp?" YES
HokuProps - 15 dager siden
@chadhatter on instagram. I was so happy to see Adam absolutely love your costume!
Merindy Morgenson
Merindy Morgenson - 15 dager siden
It’s Chad’s costume! Or technically, now your costume! Chad is such an amazing costume designer. I’ve had the privilege of working with him in our community theater and his talent was very evident even then. I’m pleased you have the chance to enjoy his work. It looks great on you!
CatalinaThePirate - 15 dager siden
😲 Adam! 😃 Resplendent! (you really look great!) And what a coinkydink your friend Chad just happened to have finished the suit as you were finishing the Crown, haha! Serendipity!
😏 So who besides me saw the thumbnail and thought of the Muppets? 😄
Robbie Ward
Robbie Ward - 15 dager siden
Long live King Savage! 🤴
thegirlwitheeyes 12
thegirlwitheeyes 12 - 15 dager siden
The Shots YESSSSS!!!!!
thegirlwitheeyes 12
thegirlwitheeyes 12 - 15 dager siden
multi verse
multi verse - 15 dager siden
My lord
Sean Eddy
Sean Eddy - 15 dager siden
Looks like he sent you Omaha Steaks.
Lee Kibbler
Lee Kibbler - 15 dager siden
Every time I watch you bursting with true joy it lifts my spirits considerably. Thank you
beautifulsmall - 15 dager siden
Listening to this with Pink floyd Echoes in the background, just like Q. Lizzy is doing with her feet up on the corgis. . off work soon and looking forward to casting.
Joseph Kime
Joseph Kime - 15 dager siden
You really need to make a traditional trunk for this costume! that would look amazing your highness!
Lillidah - 15 dager siden
Now we can call him the “Cosplay King”
Rob Harper
Rob Harper - 15 dager siden
You could also do Londo Mollari from Babylon 5 in that thing too! LOL
Peter At Home
Peter At Home - 15 dager siden
I love him going: "does this jacket even button?...yo, do you even lift bro?"
Gordon Mills Jr.
Gordon Mills Jr. - 15 dager siden
Love it.
WOW! That outfit is almost as ridiculous as our royal family! Hahaha amazing!
By the way, the crown is worn by the BRITISH monarch, not the English ;)
Loved the vid 👍🤡
HansonProMusic - 15 dager siden
I love the green handled clamp holding up the pants in the back!
Sean Taber
Sean Taber - 15 dager siden
Boy I hope that floor and desk were thoroughly swept before this
09corey1981 - 15 dager siden
My life is pretty sucky, but Adam you warm my heart and make me smile everytime, Thank you
Rickard Zingmark
Rickard Zingmark - 15 dager siden
The madness of King Adam.
Susan Woodcarver
Susan Woodcarver - 15 dager siden
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! Especially the end! I was just as excited as you were. Who knew, after watching you make the crown, that this magnificent costume would follow. Thank you!!
jaryiel - 15 dager siden
I guess that's Hallowe'en 2021 sorted then? :P
Stacy Galler
Stacy Galler - 15 dager siden
What an awesome piece! Adam, you look truly royal, especially with the sideburns 😊. A nit picky thing: I think the pendant is meant to go over the shoulders of the cloak; it would be the last thing to put on. Although I think the one you got might be a little short for that. Perhaps an upgrade?
Pounce Pounce
Pounce Pounce - 15 dager siden
I plan on visiting the tower, can I borrow the crown for like a week?
Colleen Nikstenas
Colleen Nikstenas - 15 dager siden
Adam's gone full Burnett.
Colleen Nikstenas
Colleen Nikstenas - 15 dager siden
I made a doll cake of that Burnett!
Dan Ketchum
Dan Ketchum - 15 dager siden
at 9:16 it's Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Allison Kaese
Allison Kaese - 15 dager siden
It's a good thing Adam will be re-doing the crown. He needs to add all the Stuart enamel-work around the gem settings. see :)
Milosz Malysz Jankowiak
Milosz Malysz Jankowiak - 15 dager siden
That is awesome!! Super unique in our world naw and Beautiful !
Steve Macdonald
Steve Macdonald - 15 dager siden
strips down, and puts on a costume under the No Dressing or Undressing sign. Beautiful in the irony
Chazzy B
Chazzy B - 15 dager siden
Oh - please wear it next time you go out to buy your coffee, Mr Savage.
Also I can't wait to see the look on your dry-cleaner's face on your next visit.
I think even in San Francisco that might cause a stir.
Pockets-ies for the royal hands-ies.