Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Haimer 3D Edge Finder!

Adam recently purchased a new tool for his milling machine that has radically improved his workflow efficiency: a Haimer mini edge finder. To explain how this gauge works and why it's necessary for milling operations, Adam dives into a thorough explanation of the ways of measuring and calibrating tools from table saw to mill, how a device like the edge finder can speed up repeated operations that are prone to error.
Haimer Mini 3D Sensor:
Dial Indicator:
Shot by Adam Savage
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Runtime: 25:09


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 29 dager siden
Haimer Mini 3D Sensor:
Dial Indicator:
Kyle Teal
Kyle Teal - 28 dager siden
In Machining speed cost money $400 is probably about right
cavemanvi - 29 dager siden
I wrote this on comments but I’ll ‘spam’ it here too. Just an observation: you mention Jaime A LOT on tested. While I know you guys aren’t huge buddies I still consider you both like distant uncles... when my uncles fight it’s lame. I say that to say this... I wish Jaime had tool tips.
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford - 29 dager siden
I don't even own a CNC and I want one. That is so cool!
Pacific coast piper
Pacific coast piper - 29 dager siden
How does one correspond with Adam?
DABEAST KING - 29 dager siden
Hi Adam how are you?
Jan Binnendijk
Jan Binnendijk - Dag siden
I'm a machinist for almost 30 years now.. i have used them all.. Wigglers, Haimers, the electronic ones, and also 3D touchprobes on CNC machines.. , on a CNC i prefer the 3D probe above all, though the Haimer comes a close second..
Lever gauges are also very versatile.. i have 3 of them in my shop, one for every machine... need to buy a 4th one, as i have recently bought a new lathe.. :)
I never had issues with "doin' the math, as you need to do that for every mill you use as well..
(the Haimer is also a great tool for centering in holes if your DRO has the Half function.. and if you want to be really precise, use a lever gauge after that.. put it in the spindle and rotate by hand.. if the needle doesn't move.. you're centered..
Sigmatechnica - 2 dager siden
That is a nice indicator!
tchevrier - 3 dager siden
that 1/1000th is going to drive him crazy after the camera is turned off
Russianmafia10 - 5 dager siden
Why don't you just bolt a stop on the corner of the vice and you always have a consistent zero
Tripp Davis
Tripp Davis - 11 dager siden
I know the edge finder isn't sharp or going very fast, but it makes me nervous when your fingers get close to the spinny bits.
Po Reektik
Po Reektik - 11 dager siden
I have the slightly bigger Haimer 3d Taster and it's my absolut favorite tool for my manual Aciera F4 mill. I use it to measure work pieces too, and dept of holes/steps, centre of circles etc etc. I also can't understand how 99% of manual machinists don't use one or don't think it's worth the investment. Madness!
John Crea
John Crea - 13 dager siden
You didn't mention that the Haimer can also be used to find the center of holes or round stock, almost as easily as it find the edges. Thus, it can also take the place of a coaxial indicator, and those are not cheap devices either. So you can eliminate having to buy a coaxial indicator if you get the Haimer
John Crea
John Crea - 13 dager siden
You do know that they make DROs for tablesaws, right? Readability to 0.001, lengths of up to 6ft+, and reasonably affordable - from under $100 and up Have one on my Delta Uni-Saw (Wixey DIGITAL FENCE READOUT MODEL WR700) and would not do any cutting without it.
Mike Bontoft
Mike Bontoft - 14 dager siden
Adam, Is it still technically Tramming when you are levelling the vice to the bed? As I have always understood tramming is making your mill spindle 90 deg. with the mill bed.
Kristoff B
Kristoff B - 15 dager siden
Stop! Heimer time! :)
I'll see myself out...
Taylor West
Taylor West - 17 dager siden
Holy shit thats a cool tool I need to get a mill so I can get one
adamgh0 - 18 dager siden
Reminds me of Rick Sanchez making "true level" in the garage for Morty.
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick - 20 dager siden
Why is it worth $400? Take it apart and you shall find out lol
John Foster
John Foster - 20 dager siden
If you like the weapon displays in the V&A in London, then you should visit (if you've not done so already) the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds.
Swords, daggers, spears, pikes, halberds, armour, even elephant armour. It's amazing!
Mike Jarvis
Mike Jarvis - 21 dag siden
When he talks about Jaimie is he talking about mythbusters Jamie?
Alex Ortner
Alex Ortner - 22 dager siden
Haimer 80.360.00NG New Generation 3D-Sensor this one is $100.
Dennis - 23 dager siden
Do you even realize, that you kinda convert imperial to metric by using thousands of an inch, because imperial is just too complicated to work with? I love America but I'll never get why someone would still measure in thumbs and feet and so on🤣 hey lets cut 1 foot and 7/16 and add 3/4... (no offend) Btw, I'm gonna get myself one of that 3D Edge finders, thanks for the video👍
John Lucic
John Lucic - 23 dager siden
Here's a cool tool. Check out Kaka Industrial vise break die on Am_zon. You will need to fine tune it : enlarge the punch radius edge over a diamond stone, shim both parts for vertical lineup, reface the die front edge so the work piece sits properly against the tool and parallel to the punch edge. But what a great tool to have. I would say up to 1/16in mat'l can be bent, steel or Al. Bending radius vs thickness need to be taken in account from a proper chart.
G Rhn
G Rhn - 23 dager siden
Thank you very much for sharing and for instructing us!
SA12String - 24 dager siden
Hell. I'm not a machinist at all, but I'm really excited about the time/labor saving benefits of your Haimer gauge. Specifically for someone who lives in an area that is world renown for the fact that the Earth moves regularly and precision consistent edge can be a significant issue when your machines get bounced around a bit.
Efstathios Dimopoulos
Efstathios Dimopoulos - 24 dager siden
The shaft of the Haimer edge finder being metric has to do with the fact that the company is headquartered in Germany and they tend to avoid anachronistic units of measurement. Whenever I hear imperial units the video from Orange County Choppers pops into my mind, the one they trying to find the difference between two lengths.
highpwr - 20 dager siden
To be fair, they were trying to deal with fractions after all. Fractions are HARD! LOL.
Crossbow Hunter
Crossbow Hunter - 24 dager siden
The indicator that was shown in this in this video is called a back plunge indicator that is the name of that kind of indicator.
Crossbow Hunter
Crossbow Hunter - 24 dager siden
@ Adam savage tested I know you like machining parts on your mill and lathe but you should make a collaboration with a very good manual machinist his YouTube channel name is ABOM79 he is a very good machinist. He could teach you a lot about mills and lathe
Mexie Mex
Mexie Mex - 24 dager siden
For the tollerances Adam uses, the old cigarette paper method would be fine.
Filthy Fantasist
Filthy Fantasist - 25 dager siden
It's soooo satisfying to watch that thing zero down, while also knowing how much time it saves. That's why it's worth $400.
Rob Law
Rob Law - 25 dager siden
Awesome video. I must say I cringed every time Adam's fingers touched the blade - without knowing that the saw is unplugged (no doubt it was)!
Alice R
Alice R - 25 dager siden
I greatly enjoy the context you give us when you describe tasks and tools, giving people like me with such basic skills some understanding. Perhaps this is one of the great features of the MythBusters show and what made it so very popular! Thanks indeed!
skunked42 - 25 dager siden
Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrghh! Never thought about using calipers on a table saw like that! Thanks Adam.
dillonbuford - 25 dager siden
Chuck it in... That just clicked
No1sonuk - 25 dager siden
@12:00 ish - setting the edge. Every DRO I've used allows you to enter the dimension. So you wouldn't need to zero, then move the table and zero again. You'd just enter 0.1 on the keypad.

@13:16 When using the metric edge finder, SWITCH THE DRO TO METRIC. Then you'd not need to do any conversion maths yourself.

For UK people: These gauges are about £300.
John Fenlon
John Fenlon - 26 dager siden
Jeez no caption.. I love to see your machinist tools
Brett Bond
Brett Bond - 26 dager siden
Can always tell when something is filmed on an iPhone. The white balance is horrendous
ltdeditions - 26 dager siden
What you forgot to mention, is that you actually need to calibrate the Haimer, using a dial indicator first, before it's of any use for dialing in your workpiece ;-) Good video on explaining the merits of the Haimer. I actually bought one as a birthday present to myself to use on both my manual and my CNC mill. It's one of those things you can ponder about for ages, but in the end you just have to take the plunge. In contrary to what you said, I've never seen it as a "mainly CNC accessory". Instead I'd say it's more of an upgrade to using wigglers. On CNC equipment probes are the way to go (and again a lot faster than a Haimer)
JR H - 26 dager siden
when you are checking the z axis shouldn't you check along the base where the parallels sit? along the top of the fixed jaw isn't used to position the work if that makes sense.
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill - 26 dager siden
I'm wondering how the temperature variances of where you're at, and the salt air, affect the expansion/contraction of the large steel components ie, how far off do the temp ranges affect the precision???
Alexander Kozyrev
Alexander Kozyrev - 26 dager siden
ImMa LeArNiNg KoMpUtA
I almost bursted my tea on the screen
Logan Garrett
Logan Garrett - 26 dager siden
I’ve never used a mill, and this is still totally awesome.
medowucha - 26 dager siden
On a side note - esp. for the Germans watching this: Yes, its a German company called Haimer GmbH, which is manufacturing this tool. So yes, he mispronounces the name as any english speaker would :D
cu, w0lf.
Dandypanty - 27 dager siden
anyone out there know of any great charts with all the different cuts/joints that can be made on a table saw? A lot of times I don't know what options I have at my disposal and by looking at a chart I believe it would help me better plan my projects.
Martin Rygaard Lassen
Martin Rygaard Lassen - 27 dager siden
Hi :) How about making a challenge where you cannot use powertools? I’m a mini-maker and I only have hand-power-tools. I think we are many mini-makers in the same boat. I often think “I will newer be able to make that with my tools”. Just an idear :-) Martin from Denmark
mobilemodo - 27 dager siden
Adam doesn't tram his mill vise correctly, he trams the top surface of his vise jaw. Tram where you place your parallels. Also, $400 isn't spendy for quality measurement equipment.
mobilemodo - 27 dager siden
When Adam put his finger into the edge finder on the material/vise, I involuntarily said "JESUS!" ugh. Kids, don't do what Adam just did, ever. Adam knows not what he does.
David Breaux
David Breaux - 27 dager siden
Seems this gauge would be useful in filament based 3D Printer setups
Jonas Latza
Jonas Latza - 27 dager siden
I hope somebody can help me understand a question I have. I think I do understand how the gauge shows 0 in relation to what it touches. But I can't seem to understand how that relates to the cutting blade... I thought that the diameter of the blades does change with each one and the gauge shows the midpoint. Don't I have to subtract half of the diameter of the used tool to get it exactly on the edge of the material?
I am no machinist, but I'd like to understand this better. Thanks for any answer.
Jonas Latza
Jonas Latza - 20 dager siden
@highpwr Thank you very much for your answer.
highpwr - 20 dager siden
You are correct. Edge finding is based on locating a point that is referenced to the CENTER of the spindle. Even after using the 3D gauge you STILL have to offset the spindle by 1/2 of the diameter of your tool to get the cutting edges of the tool over the same point. The 3D gauge only saves you from having to calculate half the diameter of a standard edge finder probe _in addition_ to calculating 1/2 of the tool diameter to locate the cutting edge.
Big Fish Boss
Big Fish Boss - 27 dager siden
what are your thoughts on sandblasters? Any tips?
Jordan - 27 dager siden
Every machinist either forgets to include the offset of a edge finder, or you spin one 12K RPM.
Chris Hooker
Chris Hooker - 27 dager siden
Great info and recommendation, Adam! You made a Great buy!!
David Kavanagh
David Kavanagh - 27 dager siden
Nice gauge!
Charles Wise
Charles Wise - 27 dager siden
The difference between measuring for a table saw, and a milling machine, is like the difference between driving a car, and operating a helicopter. Two dimensions, versus three dimensions.
Ben Müller
Ben Müller - 27 dager siden
I have to point this out: Using that tool in a collet robs it of quite a bit of its usefulness. if you permanently fixed the tool in the collet you also have a known distance between your spindle and the surface you are indicating in Z.
If more of your tools are of fixed length in their holders you can use that surface as a datum and program a tool library in your dro, further increasing reliability
Elgriego Alchemist
Elgriego Alchemist - 27 dager siden
Damn it Adam, after 16 minutes of (interesting) prologue i end up realising i actually know, have seen and used the tool of the video. Still really interesting and nice video.
ps I have seen a probe of a similar edge finder breaking, killing both me and the guy using the machine(dmu 50 eco) on the inside. The lab had also a digital range finder that we were to afraid to use
jerzykepinski - 27 dager siden
You Americans are spoiled and detached. When Adam says "It costs 400 dollars, and its so expensive" it makes me laugh. In Poland (thats where Im from) this 3D tester costs PLN 1600 and a cashier in a supermarket makes PLN 2000/USD 500 take-home/month for 160h month. Realistically a cashier would have to spend full 3 months worth of savings to afford one (and thats under a proviso that they live alone in a rented room, never go out and really want this tester). And what about Middle East or Africa? These people would have to save up for years just to afford one. So no Adam, USD 400 in America is not expensive. It is laughably cheap- it is almost like it was for free. Just my "Rest of The World" perspective.
Jeremy Hidy
Jeremy Hidy - 27 dager siden
0:24 I would say it is really for "not moving".
Ray Pellerin
Ray Pellerin - 27 dager siden
$400 dollars is a lot of money? On what planet? I do jobs where we spend $10,000 on ramsets, pins, and shot. I though he was going to say it was big money.
JNBpisces - 28 dager siden
I so deeply enjoy learning with you Adam.
RichJMoney - 28 dager siden
Zero milling experience but as soon as Adam held up the other edge finder next to the Haimer it clicked and I could tell exactly why this tool made him so excited and audibly “Oh!”’d. The 20 minutes of context was 100% worth it. As someone who doesn’t really “make” in the physical space I can still appreciate any tool or technique that reduces the time and opportunities for error needed for a process. Love it.
Noah Fox
Noah Fox - 28 dager siden
Please someone get Adam a haas vmc. As he already knows the manual side of things fusion 360 and a good machine would open a whole world of creativity for him.
gutpileman - 28 dager siden
I use a edge finder and hamer daily. Great stuff
Darrel Leaf
Darrel Leaf - 28 dager siden
Is it your milling machine moving or your camera shaking?
PoignantPirate - 28 dager siden
Adam, I've noticed that you tend to bring the quill down when trying to reach things in your vice.
You should try to bring the knee and the vice up to the tool, not bring the tool down to the work.
The main reason for this is rigidity, but there's also a LOT of force acting on the quill, so using it at max extension will wear out the quill bearing surfaces over time and that slowly increases the risk of the quill moving on your during a cut.
The same thing somewhat holds true for the drill press when used as a spindle sander, it's always better to bring the table up so that the force on the quill has a shorter 'lever' to work with.
Barry Fendel
Barry Fendel - 28 dager siden
I got mine to work in a hard to reach cnc mill to make it easer to set up. I also got a 50 mm dial tool setter for the same reason and visibility. Getting old can not see the edge finder that well. 400 well spent.
Willy Wong
Willy Wong - 28 dager siden
Max rpm of an edgefinder is 1600 rpm then it flies apart. 😅 plus it's only accurate up to a .001". A proper calibrated Haimer probably .0002" easy
PureRushXevus - 28 dager siden
22:00 doesn't this slowly wear down the tool? Scraping against the vise with that much force?
lee marsh
lee marsh - 28 dager siden
Oh this will be a nice addition to my mill!
Dan Ryan Carter
Dan Ryan Carter - 28 dager siden
I barely understand what you're talking about since I'm not a machinist but because you're so genuinely passionate about it, watching and listening is fantastic :)
swooshdave - 28 dager siden
He said it was expensive and I thought he was going to say $4000.
highpwr - 20 dager siden
They have a digital model that sells for around $1,000 as well.
Stephen Street
Stephen Street - 28 dager siden
STEM beats everything else. Thanks for the demonstration.
Karaf - 28 dager siden
Wow quality is just like meh :|
Matthew Fullhart
Matthew Fullhart - 28 dager siden
I have no interest in buying this device, but I’m extremely fascinated by it nonetheless! Thanks for all the background, it made it accessible and interesting!
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson - 28 dager siden
That is sooooo freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must have one of these!!!!
Charles Hettrick
Charles Hettrick - 28 dager siden
"...I am Imperial." Long live his Highness Adam!
Its actually US Customary Units just to drive us all nuts. But hey! We share a unique culture with Liberia and Myanmar; the only other countries still using units based on the length of Adams' feet. But I am a rebel and join with the other 96% of the world which uses metric on base 10 units.
Don't start into me that US Customary units are solely defined in terms of metric units. I tried that with my Dad. "Let's see: That's 18 feet 9 & 1/4 inches plus 22 feet 7 and 13/16 inches which converts into 5.721 meters + 6.904 meters equals12.625 meters converted back to 41 feet 5.047 inches." 39 years ago I got a slap upside the head for being a smart a**.
10 years ago I made a stupid memory error. Should have been 21/32. I wrote down 23/32. That was the final straw. I threw out, gave away and sold all but one US Customary unit 100' tape measure (for emergencies only plus carpenter squares), replaced all other tape measures, straight edges, indicators, micrometers, educated sticks and calipers with metric reading or metric capable. Never looked back. Never regretted it. Math is a joy. Estimating is much easier. Thankful every day and wished I had done it 40 years ago.
MetalWorks Machine Shop
MetalWorks Machine Shop - 28 dager siden
HAIMER... Hi_mer is the how its pronounced. The "A" is silent.
But could be correct both ways. As I say Starrett different. You say 🌟 it . Stair_ett
c0mputer - 28 dager siden
Starrett, pronounced Stair-Et. Not Star-Et.
Kyle Teal
Kyle Teal - 28 dager siden
In Machining speed cost money $400 is probably about right
Skillful Man
Skillful Man - 28 dager siden
Aaron Delannoy
Aaron Delannoy - 28 dager siden
Nice! Our shop has Renishaw Probes on all our CNCs but this would definitely be the way to go for a manual mill.
Brent H
Brent H - 28 dager siden
"We all understand this" nooo, nooo no... "some" understand how things are, some understand other stuff... welcome to my life explaining what I find day in day out. Great content
sololabarcaro - 28 dager siden
This Old Tony 👌 wonderful machining resource
DaddyBeanDaddyBean - 28 dager siden
Adam: What is this?
Me: A table saw fence.
Adams: And what is it for?
Me: Fencing! EN GARDE!
riccardo bergaglio
riccardo bergaglio - 28 dager siden
Adam: "And this makes me do more math cause I'm imperial and not metric"
Me as a non American human: laugh with my meters
No1sonuk - 25 dager siden
Let me introduce the "mm/in" button on the DRO...
jeb smith
jeb smith - 27 dager siden
Today, there is no difference between using the english or metric systems when machining. Everything is done using base 10 in either case. The only difference is what the decimals represent. TLDR, using the metric system requires all the same mental math to be done.
Grogu Djarin
Grogu Djarin - 28 dager siden
You have so many tools but you dont know how to do anything!!!
William Blakers
William Blakers - 28 dager siden
Is "This Old Tony" Ray Barone ?
Fallentwig - 28 dager siden
Didn't know the name, knew what it does. That's 90% of my life.
68jacen - 28 dager siden
I feel this episode should of had a tool tip and nothing but the tip is where one should keep their king Richard. To bridge the YouTube megaverse we should have a collaboration with ole tom Sachs, old Tony, Adam and AVE.
DragonBornish - 28 dager siden
I Work as a welder, and the way I explain to people what it is that I do for a living is "I take many things and make them in to one thing" 😉
Adam K
Adam K - 28 dager siden
for $400 I would have bought this the 1st day I had a mill!
O H - 28 dager siden
Wait till you realise that all wood working tools are just a variation of a chisel, it makes things sound so simple.
P E - 28 dager siden
At 15.15......It's Haimer time!
iBangAPES - 28 dager siden
@21:43 you demonstrate that the hammer edge finder is able show if your vice is parallel to your bit by pushing down the edge finder down onto the vice and going to the left side.
my first thought to this is if you do this enough times, wouldn't you were wearing out the ball end of the Haimer Edge finder by dragging it across that vice?
im no machinist in anyway but that seems like a concern
Leon Searfass
Leon Searfass - 28 dager siden
Abom79 has an awesome YouTube channel all about machining. You should check him out. Hes a great teacher as well.
Jacob Falk
Jacob Falk - 29 dager siden
Ermuggo - 29 dager siden
some critique: who is the target audience for this? one day you are talking about shop rags and another a 3d edge finder. I was assuming it was for the younger generations to get to know basic tools but it seems you are drifting into people who just want to hear Adam talk.
_Suburban_ - 29 dager siden
New Kurt vise?
TheGreatAtario - 29 dager siden
Hadn't occurred to me till now that we never ever see Adam use any CNC at all…
TheArsonsmith4242 - 29 dager siden
I have a CNC machine in my maker shop and quickly realized I needed one of these. Allowing me to set tool height based off of it then using it to locate parts in the machine made everything so much more enjoyable. The lack of setting a tool height on the bridgeport seems like it would limit it's usefulness. I haven't tried it on mine. Using it to tram in the vise would be helpful though I could surely see that.
I should have done a video on mine as like you my machines are all imperial units and my Haimer was metric. Unlike you I am unable to get metric tool holders for my machine. I ended up pulling the Haimer apart creating a fixture to hold the shaft and putting it in the lathe. Using a tenths indicator I very carefully turned it down to exactly either .7500 or .6250. That was a stressful day, that Haimer cost a significant chuck of the cost of the entire CNC machine.
TheHylianBatman - 29 dager siden
Isn't technology interesting?
Joe R
Joe R - 29 dager siden
Adam, you really need to vacuum your mill.
Josiah Walton
Josiah Walton - 29 dager siden
Adam Savage and TOT... Two worlds colliding in the best way possible
cavemanvi - 29 dager siden
Just an observation: you mention Jaime A LOT on tested. While I know you guys aren’t huge buddies I still consider you both like distant uncles...
when my uncles fight it’s lame.
I say that to say this...

I wish Jaime had tool tips.