Adam Savage Assembles a Mandalorian Blaster Kit!

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Adam and Norm assemble a beautifully machined replica prop kit inspired by the hero blaster from The Mandalorian. It's a lovely prop that has all the hallmarks of a blaster from the Star Wars universe, designed with the same sensibilities of the propmakers from the original trilogy. This aluminum kit comes together with a combination of screws and glue, and we add some real weathering to it to make it worthy of our favorite Mando bounty hunter!
Find this Mando blaster replica kit here:
Thin insta-cure CA glue:
Insta-set glue kicker/accelerator:
Luna Replicas masks:
Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks
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Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser
Jen Schachter
Kishore Hari
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams
Kayte Sabicer
Bill Doran
Ariel Waldman
Darrell Maloney
Kristen Lomasney
Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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Runtime: 30:26


Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested - 19 dager siden
Find this Mando blaster replica kit here:
Thin insta-cure CA glue:
Insta-set glue kicker/accelerator:
Blaster Factory
Blaster Factory - 13 dager siden
Please contact me MR SAVAGE ............. Your the MAN...
Curt Aumiller
Curt Aumiller - 14 dager siden
@Joel Carter When WarMachine first started making these he had early bird pricing for those who wanted to first jump in. Pricing changed after that. I don't think this is a sponsored project just one where Adam is giving credit to the maker so it's possible he's speaking from memory. I remember first jumping in early over a year ago and can't remember myself what I paid.
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming - 15 dager siden
Look at all those guns ! Does Adam just keep all the best stuff for himself ?
_DJ_Gengar_ - 17 dager siden
​@Joshua Reaves I disagree. She wasn't fired for simply being conservative. She was fired for making a disingenuous comparison and spreading potential misinformation. (Which is a MAJOR issue if you look at what has been happening recently in the nation.) The official statement says the real reason too. If it were ONLY for being conservative, a lot more people would be fired from Disney right now. Also, adding more people into this situation will only create more drama and make things worse. We don't need to pressure more people into this. If Adam wants to, then I guess he can but it's probably not what's best right now. She should not have been immediately fired, and doesn't deserve to be hated on, but still held accountable by the company in some way. Maybe a fair warning would be better.
Joshua Reaves
Joshua Reaves - 17 dager siden
Adam I'm going to humbly ask you to step in on this Gina Carano situation because she's being silenced for her conservative views and her tweet has absolutely zero to apologize for but that's not why she was canned, please add your voice of sensibility thanks! ~Adoring fan
bob kaelblein
bob kaelblein - 7 timer siden
What is the name of the method used to blue or "blacken" the aluminum? I purchased this kit and tried Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black. It came out very blue like heated steel. Any suggestions on getting a more black finish?
Robert Hirtz
Robert Hirtz - Dag siden
Wow, for that kind of coin, one would think you could just buy a real blaster!
K.Szilárd Sz.
K.Szilárd Sz. - Dag siden
No steel?
fausto gimenez
fausto gimenez - 4 dager siden
Subtitulo en español
Matt Graver
Matt Graver - 4 dager siden
Gun Jesus aka Forgotten Weapons has a great breakdown on this and the real gun.
Lou Catozzi
Lou Catozzi - 6 dager siden
A more appropriate title would be Adam Savage Assembles Norm's...
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 6 dager siden
I’d love to see a display case gun rack for all the gun props...that would be a great one day build...
SkipperStu - 7 dager siden
I'd love to see Adam making Eddie's gun from Who framed Roger Rabbit, with the bullets. . . Had a great box too
A A - 7 dager siden
I hope woke people will not ban these video is to good what you do..
LLM Productions
LLM Productions - 7 dager siden
What do you recommend for blackening the aluminum parts?
zarster - 8 dager siden
Adam is a bit too much hands on on Norms blaster for my liking. Ideally he could guide Norm with less practical work.
robert colbourne
robert colbourne - 10 dager siden
Yes should be perfect for $300 lol
TheeGrumpy - 10 dager siden
For all the grime on their hands, that's not what I worry about when their fingers touch. 😷
Capn Clawhammer
Capn Clawhammer - 10 dager siden
For some reason I read this as "Mandolin Blaster." I kid you not...
Dominic Presutto
Dominic Presutto - 11 dager siden
So uh. Let’s say you have this kit and while putting it together one of the teeny tiny trigger springs flew off into narnia...where would one find a replacement spring?
M Phelps
M Phelps - 11 dager siden
Replica firearms - add a little crazy glue.
Real Firearms - add a little locktite.
Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow - 11 dager siden
Damn Jamie, that's an impressive fix.
1170stoo - 11 dager siden
Ahhh I thought it was Field Marshal's work :D
Stephen300o - 11 dager siden
Somewhere in the mission district of San Francisco, Adam is making something else.
JonPaso60 - 11 dager siden
looks sorta like the broom handle mauser.
David Hesselfeldt
David Hesselfeldt - 12 dager siden
Great assembly! God I want that replica!
Gaz Pal
Gaz Pal - 12 dager siden
Very nicely done 🙂 👍
Craig Hutchison
Craig Hutchison - 12 dager siden
If I only had 400 quid!!
hp9mm - 12 dager siden
Rey's blaster *puke*
DarthBil1 - 13 dager siden
Why does it have a hammer? It is a blaster; not a slug-thrower.
Erick Konop
Erick Konop - 13 dager siden
I've repaired gun stock finishes with wax as Adam described. It's an absolute nightmare to get right even with specialist repair compounds. Can't imagine doing it with crayola crayons.
Dan Reed
Dan Reed - 13 dager siden
Hello. I was very interested in how you did the blackening process on the blaster! Can you or anyone link me your process or business that you used? Thank you!
Redneck Sniper
Redneck Sniper - 13 dager siden
I’ve been trying to find a real Bergmann 1894 No1 but they were expensive before now they are stupidly expensive cause of the show
pedersenist - 13 dager siden
Ones this Coronavirus is over Adam should invite James May to his shop. He will like to clean small parts.
Nathan - 13 dager siden
What would I look for when I'm trying to find a service to blacken the metal parts like you guys did? I am struggling to find a service near me.
Ashby Wratchford
Ashby Wratchford - 13 dager siden
What was the blackened finish you began with? You said it was not anodized.
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley - 13 dager siden
The Mandelorian Blaster seems so minimalistic in comparison to other guns.
Q C - 14 dager siden
This is super cool! I really want to make a prop gun but have never tried before. Anyone have a kit they recommend?
thealmightyaku -
thealmightyaku - - 14 dager siden
The exact pistol it is based on is the '1894 Bergmann No. 1'. Forgotten Weapons did a video on it, which had a major surge in interest when the series first came out.
Jeffrey - 14 dager siden
Did anyone know what brand of masks Adam is wearing? It does not look like any of the masks on the linked Luna Replicas page.
Greg Dimas
Greg Dimas - 14 dager siden
Can you send a link for the gloves please?
Bob Costino
Bob Costino - 14 dager siden
2 people in a room....both with HUGE masks
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning.
What brilliant animation !
To see them, you might actually believe that they had a Life !!
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning.
@_DJ_Gengar_ Very noble of you. A nice weekend 2u2. .
_DJ_Gengar_ - 12 dager siden
@A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning. Alright, good one. Guess you got me! Hard to tell if you were serious at first. Have a nice weekend.
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning.
Dear Ganja. You also use you channel for baiting others. You say "Move along" as if you think you can simply dismiss me like an underling ! Why should I, when I have found a new toy like you ? Also,I have a decent Star Wars Collection myself, but NO dolls ! Just useful stuff like Watches and Light Sabres. As Luke Skywalker said, "Make it so" ! .
_DJ_Gengar_ - 12 dager siden
@A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning. Yes...And what's your point? Yours doesn't either. I use this channel for only watching videos and commenting. I don't need to make stuff here, I don't post my creations on youtube. Only other platforms. The fishing emoji implies that you are baiting. If that is true, and you have just been joking this whole time, then just say it man. I HOPE that your other comment was a joke at least...If this was just bait, then congrats. You got me to reply. Move along
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning.
@_DJ_Gengar_ 🎣 Your channel, like you, has no content. .
NavyWolf175 - 15 dager siden
Adam, here's a challenge for you with this blaster: It would be awesome to see a turn of the century style custom engraving/etching on the metal to make it stand out and make it unique
Murray Lochrie
Murray Lochrie - 15 dager siden
Woah, expensive kit. Nice though. Lets see that Jyn Erso Luger blaster next.
SAK 75
SAK 75 - 15 dager siden
Do you guys ever use tinted CA glue? I use it for guitar finish repairs.
Bret Wright
Bret Wright - 15 dager siden
Great Jame H Story!
Bret Wright
Bret Wright - 15 dager siden
ultranitro - 15 dager siden
If you like this gun you need to check out the videos Ian does on Forgotten Weapons. It is called the Bergmann No. 1 1894. Very Rad!
Douglas Schneider
Douglas Schneider - 15 dager siden
Hey guys love the build and just order the kit, I was just wondering if you had a source for the blacking that you could share?
James Morgan
James Morgan - 15 dager siden
The pistol it is based on is a Bergman
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos - 15 dager siden
Where the Baby Yoda
O.K. Productions
O.K. Productions - 15 dager siden
I want one, but I know I have not the knowledge to construct one yet.
perry92964 - 15 dager siden
love the show but if your going to wear mask's then your sound guy needs to actually work the audio is crap
Adler Armory
Adler Armory - 16 dager siden
"Holster wear" is the wear to the finish on high spots of a handgun, from repetitive drawing and holstering. BTW: I had to look twice to see if that was Grant somehow (RIP Grant Imahara, you are missed) That Indiana Jones .45 Colt M1917 was a nice flex.
ian volker
ian volker - 16 dager siden
Did the price go up $100? They said closer to $300...
mkusanagi - 16 dager siden
I get it, Norms a cool dude, but boy am I jealous of how closely he gets to work with Adam
RANDOM STUFF GARAGE - 16 dager siden
If only this could hold electronics as well... blastercore would bring this to another level, nay, THE level.
dcjdesign _
dcjdesign _ - 16 dager siden
Hey Adam, what mask are you wearing in this?
RANDOM STUFF GARAGE - 16 dager siden
I love the jyn erso a180. Is that also war machine paintball? Those kits are incredible but wow $$$ get what you pay for eh?
afobear - 16 dager siden
My wife made note that Adam has pretty good trigger discipline.
Steven Walde
Steven Walde - 16 dager siden
If you want a real one look for a Bergman pistol
nfresh6 - 16 dager siden
If Adam would properly size his watch bracelet I would be so happy.
Xavier Jenkins
Xavier Jenkins - 16 dager siden
Comes with directions right? 😅 I wanna buy this.
FilmAcolyte - 16 dager siden
The Mandalorian’s blaster is based on the 1894 Bergman Number 1. It is a rare semiautomatic pistol. Forgotten Weapons did a video on bother the Bergman’s history as well as the Mandalorian’s pistol.
Ann Wagner
Ann Wagner - 16 dager siden
So good to see Norm!
robert mitchell
robert mitchell - 16 dager siden
Use Lock Tight rather then glue
roguematsby - 16 dager siden
Adam, where did you get your mask?
Nick Fields
Nick Fields - 16 dager siden
Does anyone know what brand of cloth mask Adam has in the video? The fit looks really good for short beards!
imrbrt - 16 dager siden
Well, I was going to buy a 3d printer in 2 weeks, but now I may need to buy this kit instead. *thinking*
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic - 16 dager siden
Hope to god that gun is a replica seing how prohibethly expensive the gun is.
Jim Driscoll
Jim Driscoll - 16 dager siden
Hey Adam, Where is the Final Samaritan Video?!??
Paul Loughlin
Paul Loughlin - 16 dager siden
Awesome video guys!! Also, I love Indy Magnoli's stuff. I have a beautiful Han Solo jacket from Solo that was made by them.
NcNinja Moto
NcNinja Moto - 16 dager siden
Do prof. prop/makers work in close couters to each other on tandem project? Knuckle to knuckle kombat.
TheGamingGeek - 16 dager siden
Shout out to all the guys in the rpf for their amazing work
RANDOM STUFF GARAGE - 16 dager siden
lotuschile - 16 dager siden
i feel for you norm, exactly like my dad when im fixing MY car, his enthusiasm has me standing around twiddling my thumbs.
Giovanni Cerri
Giovanni Cerri - 17 dager siden
Il love the fact that from 6:14 to 7:26 Adam tries to get Norm's attention, but Norm doesn't give a shit and continues buffing the metal.
jerry m
jerry m - 17 dager siden
it's like watching a father and son do the sons science project, father does most of the work
Dan Rice
Dan Rice - 17 dager siden
These type of videos are so hard to watch. I just want to see Adam build it instead of hovering over his lackey
Shane B
Shane B - 17 dager siden
*Ian McCollum Has entered the chat*
lhmmhl1 - 17 dager siden
However it really annoys me how seemingly anti gun Adam is.
LycanFPV - 17 dager siden
Reys blaster us awesome, but shitty character
SparrowHawk183 - 17 dager siden
I love these build videos where Adam helps another maker assemble a prop! It's cool to see different build approaches, Norm always reminds me of a surgeon with his methodical and measured approach. Carry on! This is the way. :)
Michael Poulin
Michael Poulin - 17 dager siden
Adam what about cold blueing? not dark enough?
Jack Kuehneman
Jack Kuehneman - 17 dager siden
I've forgotten how much I hate hearing norm in these videos
Chuck - 17 dager siden
Only Adam Savage can do so much gun smithing and end up without a gun
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh - 17 dager siden
There's no point in them wearing masks. They're coworkers, less than 6 feet away in the same room, touching the same things as each other. Masks don't stop you from spreading it, they reduce the amount of particulate, but if you're sitting in the same room right next to each other you're standing in air that is still heavily saturated in each other's particulates
aserta - 17 dager siden
I forget the name of the glue, however any glue that's used in restoration (both in painting and sculpture) and is under the grant of "reversible glue" is an excellent tool in the arsenal of a perfectionist model builder. You can fit and finish parts and then take them apart as many times as you want using it, because usually, it only takes a bit of warm water or some non destructive solvent to take parts apart.
I usually use a little bit of diluted fish glue for my models, makes final assembly for paint an easy task as all the parts are fitted and no longer hold that quality of amplified mistakes as each part takes its toll.
The Invasive Species
The Invasive Species - 17 dager siden
It's good to see the boys back together
Joe R
Joe R - 17 dager siden
If you hadn't blackened it first you could solder the parts instead of gluing them.
Google User
Google User - 17 dager siden
Why do you use every description possible but never say #gun in all gun videos you make?
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly - 17 dager siden
love this replica, but why would a blaster have a hammer mech?
Ben Morris
Ben Morris - 17 dager siden
Comparing the pictures on the kit's page with the Bergmann No 1's patent drawing it looks like they have closely replicated how the Bergmann's hammer and trigger internals all work.
You can find the patent drawing I am looking at here:
David Griffiths
David Griffiths - 17 dager siden
Neat build but I really wish more shows came up with prop weapons that didn’t follow the mold of old firearms. I loved the weapons in Lexx and more recently Tomorrowland. Even liked the visitor pistols in the V miniseries though a bit conventional.
Dan Allen
Dan Allen - 17 dager siden
Adam Savage helping build a Star Wars prop - Dream come true....
Scott Gray
Scott Gray - 17 dager siden
I would love to see how the aluminum was blackened.
Gerry James Edwards
Gerry James Edwards - 17 dager siden
They'd be crazy to have re-engineered the trigger mechanism, I'm sure they just used CnC and worked up the CAD model directly from the Bergmann blueprints. None of the internals will have been changed for the prop, so it would make sense.
Pat Blair
Pat Blair - 17 dager siden
Hey Adam do you plan on making the pulse rifle from mandalorian or possibly a Tuskin raider rifle?
RANDOM STUFF GARAGE - 16 dager siden
Cycler rifle. Oh and I have the nerf mando rifle on preorder. Cant wait to repaint it!
Tom Levier
Tom Levier - 17 dager siden
Wow those replica blaster kits are beautiful, but the prices are a little too much for me...
Wanton110 - 17 dager siden
Star Wars making another antique and fairly rare firearm the target of rich fans to cut up
Fred Brooks
Fred Brooks - 17 dager siden
Thin crazy glue ...........”it goes everywhere and can ruin your life”............. my life then has been ruined many times then🤨😀 I seem to have made it so far😀
wingedsword93 - 17 dager siden
Always fun watching Adam being a father like figure to his protege Norm
George Dunham
George Dunham - 17 dager siden
Looks like $400 bucks but it is nice
Vineet - 18 dager siden
Is it's a channel of one upon a time mythbuster 🤔🤔